ZEE News Thanks Auto-rickshaw Drivers of Delhi And Noida

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Following the government guidelines, most of us are working from our homes. But, there are many, who don’t even have an option to work from home. One such profession is the Auto-rickshaw drivers. The role of these auto-rickshaw drivers went unnoticed and unrecognized during this pandemic. But team ZEE News has yet again stood by their values of a responsible news channel. Here’s what they did: “At ZEE News, we understand how life-threatening it is to work while the country is still approaching its peak in terms of daily COVID-19 cases. And currently, the auto drivers are open out there, completely exposed to this virus. Obviously, the government guidelines are there but they are still at risk. We wanted to thank them through a kind gesture for their unfettered service and efforts. We distributed more than 500 plastic separators to Delhi and Noida auto unions as an attempt to protect the auto drivers and the passengers from the ongoing pandemic.”, said Pratham Kashyap, Marketing, ZEE News. “We went on-ground to thank these auto-rickshaw drivers and came back with a despairing truth. Most of these auto-rickshaw drivers are going through misery. They have loans and debts and their families to take care of. And the irony is that, amidst all this, they are risking their lives to survive their families and themselves. While talking to them about how they feel to have these separators from ZEE News, one of them said that it feels really good to see that at least someone is there, who cares for the auto drivers as well. And, every such word is an assurance that we (ZEE News) as a National News channel are on the right path.”, said Pooja Makkad, Senior Editor Delhi Bureau, ZEE News. In such tough times, it is really inspiring to see the Auto drivers standing up with the mankind, and keep the nation moving. ZEE News thanks their courage and stands with them at such unprecedented times.

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