Woman outraged as married mechanic asks for casual fling while fixing her car

A woman has been left furious after her mechanic asked her if she’d like to be ‘friends with benefits’ while he was fixing her car – even though he’s already married

The woman was outraged with the comments her mechanic made (stock photo)

An anonymous woman has expressed her outrage after her mechanic asked her if she would be interested in being “friends with benefits” in the middle of fixing her car – even though he already has a wife.

The woman shared her experience in a Reddit post where she said she had recently moved to a new area and had visited the particular mechanic on the recommendation of a friend after her car started having “weird issues”.

And while the woman initially saw “no red flags” during her conversation with the bloke, things took a turn when she came back two weeks later, as he began asking her personal questions about her love life.

Then, the mechanic casually asked her if she wanted to have a fling with him – and said it “didn’t matter” that he was already married.

The mechanic asked if she wanted to be ‘friends with benefits’ with him (stock photo)


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In her post, the woman said: “I recently moved and had to look for a new mechanic. On a recommendation from a (male) friend, I went to a place not too far from me. The owner assigned me a mechanic and he was great and very knowledgeable about cars.

“My car has been having some weird issues, so in order to identify them, this mechanic did a test drive. I joined him as I have done many times in the past with other mechanics.

“I am a naturally very nice person so we had a good convo during this car test. No red flags. A few weeks later I went back when I finally had enough money saved up to repair my car. The mechanic gave me a ride home and during this ride, he kept asking me more and more personal questions, like ‘do you live alone?’ and ‘are you single?’

“I’m trapped in a car with a man who’s fixing my car so I didn’t want to p**s him off. So I answered politely and then he said he wanted a ‘friends with benefits’ friend. I knew where this was going so I said I wasn’t interested and I asked, ‘ARENT YOU MARRIED?’ He said it didn’t matter.

“I said I would never get involved with a married man and he was insulted and asked why! Then, of course, he started fishing for compliments. He then asked me not to tell his boss – so clearly he knew it was inappropriate.”

The woman was infuriated by the man’s comments, and is now considering tracking down a female mechanic for the future, as she’s “tired” of enduring similar situations from other men.

She added: “I am so TIRED OF THIS. Just because I am nice to you does not mean I want to f**k you. Why is it so hard to find good service without having to deal with this type of insane harassment from men? I have had handymen, inside my apartment, hitting on me or asking inappropriate questions. I know other women have as well.

“I wish we could just have either all female mechanics and services so we wouldn’t have to deal with this bulls**t anymore.”

Commenters on the post were supportive of the woman, with many insisting she should report the man’s behaviour to his boss.

One person said: “Tell his boss. I used to work at a shop and no way would we let a mechanic be gross with the customers.”

As another added: “Horrible you have to go through this. It’s unacceptable, and he should be reported.”

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