Why Should You Aim For a Brand New Car?

New cars come with hefty price tags and lose their value quickly due to depreciation, despite major promotional events and appealing commercials. In reality, buying a used car is cheap and comes with many benefits. A new car is not just a way to pamper yourself with luxury things. There are more to why you need a brand new car instead of a used one.

1.  New Safety Technology

Computer processors’ impressive power has sparked a technological revolution in the automotive industry, and manufacturers are finally using technology to improve safety. You can find advanced safety features while spending on a brand new car. These features include the likes of stability control, adaptive cruise control, rear-view camera, blind-spot monitoring, and so on. These new features are rapidly included in modern cars, from family sedans to high-end luxury cars and even economy brands, compare to earlier innovations. It is still very early to find all these new features in used cars.

2.  Alternative Energy Advances

While the boom in ethanol has faded, other renewable energy developments are here to stay. Pure electric vehicles like the latest Nissan Leaf and the Ford Focus Electric pledge significantly reduce energy costs per mile driven. Their corresponding fuel economy scores are triple digits, making a gas guzzler look like a Toyota Prius. GM is also offering the Chevrolet Volt, their plug-in hybrid that can run on either gas or electricity. Next year, a plug-in Prius and the Ford C-Max Energi should also reach the market.

Don’t forget that electric cars aren’t the only vehicles with alternative fuels. In North America, diesel-engine cars, long popular in Europe, are making a big comeback. Very high mileage is provided, particularly on the highway. Honda sells a version of the Civic powered by methane, which is in high demand in parts of the world where natural gas is cheap.

With one of these modern cars, you might save thousands of dollars in energy costs in just a couple of years. In the used car market, electric vehicles will not be available for a few years from now, and they will be in very high demand, meaning that their prices will be higher than most used cars. Many lists of car finance companies UK reviews discuss more the various alternative energy advances in modern vehicles.

3.  Cars for the Long Haul

If you plan to save a car for a few years and then sell or trade it in for another used car, used cars make sense. But you do not want the unknown history that comes with a used car if you intend to keep up with maintenance and watch the odometer roll way past 100,000 miles. You know that you are responsible for gentle driving and routine maintenance in a new vehicle, rather than thinking about a previous owner who missed oil changes or damaged an older car. For a decade or more, buying a new car would minimize the initially high taxes and depreciation enough to level out to be similar to the cost of a used car.


Anyone who tells you that there is an absolute winner in the new car vs. used car debate hasn’t considered any scenario.

A used car is the lower-cost, higher-value choice in most cases. But new vehicles have enough significant advantages with recent advancements in technology and government incentives that they are also worth the extra cost. As a smart customer, it’s up to you to weigh your desires against the prices and advantages of both new and used vehicles. You can always check Britainreviews.co.uk for various review sites to help you decide. Don’t be disappointed if you occasionally notice that better value is in the new car.

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