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Why Rolls-Royce boss expects to be profitable despite COVID

When will you have electrified cars?
We will offer the first full-electric Rolls-Royce within this decade, and right after, step-by-step, we will electrify the entire range. That’s the long-term strategy, but this will not happen overnight and it won’t be an either-or approach. There will be an overlapping phase.

Is that why you decided not to electrify the new Ghost?
The reason we are not yet offering it in Ghost is purely because when we offer electrification we will do it to perfection. Our customers have certain requirements regarding range and charging times.

Will you follow Bentley and offer plug-in hybrids?
No. We are not going into hybrid or plug-in hybrid. Our clients definitely appreciate electrification because it fits perfectly with the brand. It’s silent and torquey. For us, the right approach is to go directly from combustion to electric.

Have you had to make any job cuts?
We made no job cuts in Goodwood, which is great news. Look what happened to others. We have started a second shift because the order book is so good and for that reason I’m optimistic. We are still in COVID times, but business signs are encouraging.

Do you still have staff on furlough?
About 15 to 20 percent as of early September, but not the ones building the cars. We also have rotating working patterns, so people are returning to the office for two to three days and going back to working from home. We don’t have the biggest premises, so we don’t allow everyone back in the office.

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