Which is the safest car brand in 2021?

From humble beginnings some 120 years ago, today’s cars are technological masterpieces that are safer than ever. When shopping for a new vehicle, safety is the number one priority. From entry-level hatchbacks to executive sedans, and family SUVs, the advances in safety see leaps in occupant, pedestrian, and cyclist safety increase.

There’s a plethora of acronyms that describe the latest safety innovations. They’re not nice-to-have features, but must-have-features on vehicles today.

For all the technology packed into our cars, they will come to nought if your car’s battery is dead and you can’t even open the driver’s door with your car remote control. That’s why it is important to have a back-up plan. Even safety systems have back-up plans. Car breakdown services such as 247 Home Rescue will arrive to jump start your car to get you back onto the road in no time. You can read about car services reviews for other plans and help they offer to keep you and your family safe on the roads.

#1: Volvo:

This Swedish auto maker is synonymous with the term vehicle safety. They were the first brand to introduce seat belts as standard equipment in cars and have placed safety as their biggest selling point. Technology such as “City Safety Technology” is a computer-based scanner that searches the road ahead for vehicles and pedestrians to alert the driver. In the event of a cyclist turning into the car’s lane, the vehicle will automatically engage the brakes to stop the car. It also features “Park-Assist Pilot” that can actually park the vehicle for you. As standard across their range of models are 6 airbags for occupants, ABS braking, head-and-neck-restraint supports, and crash beams in the doors of their cars that help absorb an impact.

#2: Subaru:

Gaining in technology, they once revered this Japanese vehicle brand for its go-anywhere estate cars and their motor sport-bred models. Now, Subaru is a world leader in urban safety protection. Similar to Volvo’s “City Safety Technology” is Subaru’s “Eyesight” – it scans the road for vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists, road signs, and any road hazards such as potholes and sharp bends. It alerts the driver to these hazards and it can turn the vehicle and bring it to a stop before any collision or accident can occur. With a sophisticated cruise control system, it adapts the car’s cruising speed to the environment: it will slow or speed up (to a predetermined speed) to follow the flow of traffic on a highway and it also helps to keep the car in the centre of the lane. All its models feature several airbags, the latest iterations of ABS braking, and crash-mitigation beams to keep occupants safe inside.

#3: Mazda:

Mazda has been making greater cars of late, with their engineers focusing on producing the safest possible cars they can. This Japanese manufacturer’s latest range of models have all been awarded 5-star safety ratings from all major industry safety bodies and regulators. With clever technology such as blind spot monitoring, lane keep assist, low-speed automatic braking, pedestrian detection, adaptive cruise control, and a driver monitoring system, it is no surprise why these cars are now scooping accolades and winning new drivers to their brand.