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Trump’s Regeneron speech is now a used car-style ad

Donald Trump would like old people to know that he likes them very much, especially when they’re mean and addled enough to consider voting for him. In a video from yesterday captioned “TO MY FAVORITE PEOPLE IN THE WORLD!, Trump expands on his loving feelings toward an age demographic most at risk of dying horribly due to his administration’s mishandling of the pandemic, telling them that he, too, is a senior citizen as he waves his hands around to extol the virtues of an experimental COVID-19 drug.

The address is filled with all the usual Trump shit—jabs at China, Biden, and a meandering series of self-congratulations—but it’s unique in just how heavy a sales pitch it is. He talks up the miraculous properties of the drug and promises seniors that he’s going to take care of them, if they manage not to get infected by the virus and die before his election. “You’re not vulnerable, but they like to say ‘the vulnerable,’ but you’re the least vulnerable, but for this one thing, you are vulnerable,” he explains.

Yes, it sounds even funnier than it reads.

Parker Molloy, inspired by all of this, has turned it into the used car ad it already resembles, posting the clip with the tagline “Come on down to Typhoid Donny’s Auto Emporium!”

Others have seen similar potential in the clip. The Daily Show spruced it up as an infomercial, complete with wavy tube people, dancing doctors, and small-print warnings regarding Trump’s claims about the drug (and divine favor).

Rather than add a lot of bells and whistles, @limitlessjest edited the video with something a bit simpler. As much as the huckster style of the above clips fits the original video, it’s hard to beat the effect of Flores’ edit, which adds accordion noodling over every sentence Trump speaks.

Sometimes, the best kind of parody is the most straightforward.

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