Total recall: Every car recall issued in Australia in 2020 so far

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Here’s to making 2020 the year you finally get that car issue sorted.

Let’s get one thing out of the way early – taking care of your car’s recall notice is an easy thing to let slide.

Despite the urgency of the manufacturers and their sincere warnings about all the awful things that can go wrong if you ignore it, we’re all guilty of occasionally letting a recall service fall down the to-do list.

Hot tip: Don’t let that happen. Recalls are issued for a reason and not fulfilling them could see drivers and passengers injured or killed.

Typically, manufacturers will notify those affected by the recall via mail, and offer to perform the recall free of charge at your closest dealer or service centre.

With Victoria in lockdown, one of the few reasons mechanics and service centres are permitted to stay open is to carry out critical repairs, including emergency recalls

So, for the safety of yourself and other drivers, see if your car is affected by any of the following recalls.

Takata airbag recalls

The ongoing Takata airbag recall affects multiple models across multiple manufacturers, with more than 150,000 vehicles still to be rectified nationwide (at time of publishing).

Before driving any car – whether your own or someone else’s – you are encourage to see if the vehicle has been affected by the recall by entering your registration at

Below, we have summarised all recalls excluding Takata airbag recalls. For more information on the Takata airbag recalls, click here.

To search for recalls issued in 2019 or earlier, head to the ACCC’s Product Safety website here.

PLEASE NOTE: ‘MY’ denotes model-year. For more details on a particular recall, click the hyperlink. If a particular model and model-year is listed more than once, this means it has been recalled for multiple separate issues.


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