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Timex M79 Automatic Watch in Black Review, Pricing, and Where to Buy

“Y’all!” This is, for better or worse, how I generally begin a sentence when I’m very excited. Sometimes, it is preceded by an expletive or two, always used in the exclamatory (of course). “Y’all! There’s free pizza!” “Holy shit, y’all! That dog is walking on its hind legs!” I’m not from the South, but I’ve spent enough time there and have enough friends from the area that now I’m a Y’all Guy. I could go on about the contraction’s power as a gender-neutral, all-inclusive means of talking to large groups of people, but…

Y’all! Timex just launched its M79 automatic watch in a black-on-black colorway—debuting exclusively here at Esquire—and, well, holy shit. I’m excited. So instead of riffing on the evolving nature of language and the tactical application of colloquialisms, let’s instead talk about a very good watch.

The M79 isn’t a brand-new player, though it did only launch earlier this year. Way back when (in February) it hit the scene sporting the “Batman” colors of black and blue. Appealing, no doubt—and helped along mightily by a 21-jewel automatic movement and a vintage-inspired borrowed from its sibling and predecessor, the runaway-hit Q Timex. The mechanical M79 is a little bigger than its quartz-driven counterpart at 40mm versus 38mm, but the feel, with its acrylic crystal and woven stainless-steel strap, is rooted in that vintage appeal. (Yes, the “79” in the name is a stand-in for “1979.” Guess what the “M” stands for.)

Now, the M79 is back with arguably the most classic and easy-to-wear color combo any vintage watch lover could ask for: black and…black. You know that Platonic diver that springs to mind when you close your eyes and daydream about watches? (Other people do this, right?) Steel case and band. Black dial. Black bezel. That’s it, right? Well, now it’s available with a workhorse movement, some delightfully discolored lume that looks like the kind you’d find on a well-loved beater from ’79, a surprisingly comfortable strap, and a price tag of less than 300 bucks.

What are you gonna do? Not buy it? Y’all are crazy.

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