The Most Trusted Car Brands in America

You can drive with confidence in the passenger cars, SUVs, and trucks that people all over America trust the most.

Few shopping decisions have to be as thorough and carefully thought out as the decision about what car to buy. More than likely, you’ll get immense amounts of use from it, and you need it to transport you and your loved ones from place to place safely and comfortably. Not to mention, it’s not exactly a cheap investment!

So when you’re preparing to buy, lease, or even rent a new set of wheels, you’ll want to make certain that it’s a vehicle you can trust. Well, Reader’s Digest‘s Most Trusted Brands in America survey can help with that!

For the sixth consecutive year, Reader’s Digest has teamed up with the research firm Ipsos Connect to find the most trusted brands in America. Across 35 different categories, 3,500 people chose the brand they trust most and gave their reasoning. You can see the results of the whole survey here. Our survey didn’t assess this, but find out the car brand with the worst reputation in America!

The survey assessed three different types of motor vehicles: Recipients chose their preferred brand of passenger cars, SUVs/crossovers, and trucks/pickups. And the car manufacturer that most Americans trust for two out of three of those? Toyota!

Toyota logo

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That’s right—this Japanese multinational auto manufacturer, behind models like the Corolla, Camry, Highlander, RAV4, and more, took the top spot for both passenger cars and SUVs/crossovers. In December 2019, Toyota was the tenth-largest company in the world in terms of revenue.

Why do customers trust their Toyotas? Toyota “has a strong safety record and their cars rarely break down,” one survey respondent said. Another loves how “Toyotas last forever and have crazy low maintenance costs.” Find out all of the car brands that cost the least to repair.

And what about trucks and pickups? In this category, it was Ford who rose above the competition. This American multinational auto manufacturer, named for its founder, Henry Ford, is headquartered in Dearborn, Michigan. One Ford devotee gave a short and sweet accolade: “Ford is iconic and makes quality trucks.” Learn about the best and worst car brands for customer satisfaction.

For more of the most trusted in transportation, find out which airline Americans trust the most. Plus, check out the full results of the Most Trusted Brands survey.

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