The HD from Phat Scooters May Be the World’s Strongest and Most Comfortable

The subject matter is known as the HD from Phat Scooters. If you don’t know who Phat Scooters is, here’s a quick recap. As Phat likes to say, it all started in 2017 with three friends and a dream. It all arose because of the extreme Arizona summers. They needed a way to get around town quickly and efficiently because of the massive heat that encompasses the Sonoran Desert.

And their newest model brings with it massive and capable stats in line with rugged desert terrains. Right off the bat, the wheels are the main component that jumps into view. The reason for their size, is to offer stability and comfort to your ride. However, the tires also help boost the ground clearance to 5.75 inches (14.6 cm).

Atop each tire we find those huge fenders. Might we add that they are customizable. You can select one of many preset colors and patterns, but if you don’t like those options the team at Phat allows you to send in a custom design and color scheme. The same holds true for the foot board as well.

That footboard and seat all sit on a frame which, like most other scooters, comes with a full suspension. But the HD isn’t just about suspension. No. Her real worth is found in her battery and motor.

Speaking of batteries, Phat Scooters have invested some time, energy, and probably quite a bit of cash into extending their batteries capacities. Using Pouch-Cell technology, the HD’s battery can run 1500 charge cycles, three times more than their original batteries, and conduct less heat when operating.

If you happen to disregard charge levels while on your trip, and happen to run out of spunk, the 19 Ah battery will take 4-6 hours on the standard five-amp charger. However, an option to upgrade to a nine-amp charger is available.

The motor on the other hand, is a monster! A 2000-watt motor with improved power management and increased torque, allow the HD to carry a rider weighing in at 440 lbs. (199.5 kg). Sure, she may not have the same stats as the Kuberg or Soco CPX, but those EV’s are in separate leagues altogether.

These two components together offer three different riding modes suitable for dirt roads, golf courses and streets. The slowest mode offers a top speed of 8 mph (12 kph), while the fastest comes in at 20 mph (32 kph). But about how far you can go with these stats, is simply missing.

To make sure that you can safely stop in the eventuality of an unforeseen event, this EV comes equipped with electronic ABS hydraulic disk brakes. Basically the same technology you can find on full-size motorcycles, only smaller.

To top it all off, there’s an LED headlight, a beverage and phone holder, rear-view mirrors, and a wheel lock. But, do remember that Phat takes a whole lot of pride in helping you build a custom HD that screams you, so put in a little extra cash and get yourself a nice birthday present, you won’t regret it.

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