The Best Things to Buy in September

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To say it’s been an unusual summer, let alone an unusual year, would be a vast understatement.

The Best Things to Buy in September

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The Best Things to Buy in September

Our new normal has shifted and so have some of the ways we can save money.


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There are many businesses offering specials and 0% financing to help keep their businesses rolling. Many people are trying to spend locally while still spending carefully to support their community, merchants, and restaurants. Whether you are making your purchases at a local merchant, a chain store or online, here are some of the best buys for September.


If you have been waiting to buy a new car, this might be the right time. September is typically the best month to score a deal on both a new car and a used car. Many dealerships are making room for their 2021 models so they need to reduce their current inventory.

You will find incentives and exceptionally low financing rates. Keep in mind, even if you get 0% financing, you will still have a monthly payment. Make sure it will work within your budget.

If you don’t want to spend top dollar on a new 2021 model, consider a certified preowned car. These cars have been inspected and offer a warranty.

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Remember the rules to negotiating the best deal: do your comparison shopping, don’t jump on the first deal and be ready to walk away if you need to. September is a long month, which could translate into a better deal closer to the last day of the month since salespeople will be trying to reach their quotas. Weekdays at car dealerships are usually less busy than a weekend, so you may be able to have more time with your salesperson.

Groceries and Everyday Items

September is National Coupon Month. Manufacturers of everything from yogurt to over-the-counter medications will be offering higher-value coupons. Check your grocery store’s weekly ad and your favorite manufacturer’s website for special coupons. You can also use coupon apps and your grocery store’s app for easy savings directly to your phone. One of the best money-saving tips is to sign up for your grocery store loyalty program. You can save a significant amount of money by using loyalty member perks.

Outdoor Living

Everything from barbecues to patio furniture will be deeply discounted this month. Many home stores offer additional savings to members of the military, veterans and seniors. Find out about charges for delivery and assembly for larger pieces so that you can factor that into your overall cost. Consider buying covers for furniture and barbecues so they last through the winter months.


You can typically find closeout sales on luggage during September. Since the travel industry is just now starting to pick up, you may find some exceptional deals.

While comparing luggage brands and prices, also compare the warranties. Take advantage of manufacturers that offer a solid warranty. Also, consider the weight of the pieces you are buying, since you may be charged for check-in luggage over 50 pounds. The lighter the luggage, the more you can pack.

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