Supplier MTA, hit early by COVID, sees fast rebound

The immediate impact of COVID-19 has been quickly left behind, said MTA, but questions about its customers’ supply chain linger.

MTA’s Codogno plant produces electrical components such as fuse boxes and power distribution units. Another plant in Rolo, Italy, specializes in electronic products including control units and dashboards.

The Codogno plant has three main workshops, for plastic molding, metal stamping and final assembly. While plastic molding also takes place in Slovakia, Brazil and Morocco, MTA has only one metal stamping facility, in Codogno. That might have to change in the future as customers worry about possible supply disruptions.

FCA, PSA, Renault and BMW are among MTA’s main customers. The automotive industry accounts for approximately 60 percent of MTA’s revenues, with agribusiness accounting for 20 percent. Trucks and motorcycles equally split the remaining 20 percent. Electric products account for 75 percent of sales, while electronics cover the remaining 25 percent.

Falchetti said MTA saw high-voltage electrification in general as a major growth opportunity, and the supplier is doing research into components such as inverters.

MTA is privately owned by the heirs of founder Antonio Falchetti (grandfather of the current CEO). The group had 1,550 employees at the end of 2019.

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