Several Android Auto Features Disappear All of a Sudden on Android 11

One of the biggest tech announcements of the week is the release of Android 11, as the new operating system can now be installed on Google’s Pixel and phones from other brands like OnePlus.
But as it turns out, some of those who update to Android 11 come across various Android Auto problems, including features that are no longer there for no clear reason.

Yesterday we told you that the Calendar app which Google launched with much fanfare in August has gone missing after the update to Android 11. And now, more users are complaining about features that have suddenly disappeared from Android Auto on Google’s latest mobile operating system version.

This time, the notification support appears to be broken in Android Auto, as no new notifications show up on devices running Android 11.

Updated to Android 11 on my OnePlus 8 Pro. Lost the notifications on my Android Auto. The notifications do not make a sound and do not show up when you select the notification icon. It says no new notifications,” one user who installed Android 11 on their device explains.

At the same time, it appears that some are having trouble with the weather information that’s typically displayed at the top of the screen. The weather indicator is no longer there after the update to Android 11, again for a reason that can’t be determined right now.

A member of the Android Auto team has already asked for more information about these bugs, but for the time being, nobody knows exactly if and when fixes could be released.

Worth emphasizing is that not everybody who updates to Android 11 comes across these bugs. In some cases, the Android Auto experience after installing the latest mobile OS version is as flawless as it can be, with all features still there and everything working properly.

For now, there are no workarounds available to bring back the missing Android Auto features.

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