Save big on gear for fall at StackSocial’s Three-Day Annual VIP Sale

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Whether you’re hitting the road or staying close to home this fall, StackSocial’s Three-Day Annual VIP Sale has the must-have gear for the season and beyond, all discounted an extra 20% off the listed sale price with coupon code VIPSALE20 through 9/20. 

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Smart Nano Bots PCB Construction Set (Toolkit Not Included), on sale for $59 (40% discount)

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Unleash your inner robot maker with this 70+ parts and 250 component nanobot set. You’ll build a total of seven robots while learning how to develop hardware and electrical engineering skills. Within days your robot army will be ready to stand guard on your favorite shelf. Robot makers love these Smart Nano Bots: this set was successfully funded on Kickstarter, raising over $137k, and on Indiegogo, with over $145k. Please note you’ll need a few tools that are not included in the kit—or you can upgrade to a set that includes tools. There’s also a Voodoo Bots version to choose from. Check out these tiny robots in action: 

SaniCharge Phone UV Sanitizer, on sale for $37.99 (61% discount)

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You’re never without your phone, but how often do you clean it? Wipes are one thing, but if you really want to kill bacteria and viruses, this UV sanitizer is necessary. Keep your phone super-clean without dangerous chemicals or damaging heat. SaniCharge lets you drop in your favorite aroma to freshen up your environment as well. Use it to sanitize jewelry, car keys, earphones, and even watches. One user breaks down why he loves it: “Great for sanitizing phones and other personal effects. Simple to follow instructions. Ready to use right out of the box. Takes up minimal space on dresser or nightstand.” 

Infrared Non-Contact Digital Thermometer with 1-Sec Temperature Read, on sale for $79.99 (46% discount) 

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This powerful non-contact digital thermometer offers accurate readings in under a second. The large-screen HD LCD display gives simple instant readings, one-click measurements, and an automatic power-saving shutdown feature. Keep your family safe using this medical-grade device during flu season. Better yet, it also works with liquids and foods, so you always know the temperature of your meals. As one customer writes, “Great product; very accurate. I use it every day to check my temperature. The best thing about this thermometer is can be used without any bodily contact.”

ChronoWatch Multi-Function Smart Watch, on sale for $39.99 (80% discount)

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Whether you’re looking for a next-generation fitness tracker or a stylish modern watch to keep track of time, ChronoWatch is here. Among its 16 functions are a sleep monitor, activity tracker, call notification, blood pressure monitor, and text message receiver. The waterproof design means you can sweat away your days without worrying about it breaking down. Need to control your music remotely? Check. Throw in a weather app and you have everything you need on the convenience of your wrist. As one user raves, ” I can tell you that the functions are almost as thorough as the Fitbit I used to own. Plus, the blood pressure and heart rate are almost perfectly accurate.”

Mobile Pixels TRIO: Portable Dual Screen Laptop Monitor, on sale for $259

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This space-saving portable monitor will double your screen area without taking up room in your home office. Better yet, take it on the go for optimal remote work. Gamers will love the added real estate as well. Plug TRIO into your laptop—the monitor is compatible with Mac, Linux, Chrome, and Android devices via USB—and watch your productivity levels soar. As one user says, “I love this device, no more having to lug around a monitor or try and figure out how to attach two laptops to get extended display. Works great.” The TRIO has been featured on Buzzfeed, WIRED, and Boston Business Journal, after being funded on Indiegogo for over $1.4M. Watch it in action: 

To get the biggest discount available on Mobile Pixels, use coupon code VIPSALE20 to drop the price by $52. Note: You can not stack coupons so be sure to use this one while checking out this weekend.

CarAIDE 18-in-1 Super Safety Jump Starter & Multi-Tool, on sale for $79.99 (20% discount)

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There’s practically nothing this multi-tool won’t do for you. The charging feature lets you juice up your phone and laptop; the knife is perfect for cutting a safety belt; you can break a car window in an emergency; or scare away attackers with confidence as the burglar alarm sounds. CarAIDE is even a jump-starter, no jumper cables needed. Successfully funded on Kickstarter and rated 4.5/5 stars on Amazon, this device is powerful and popular. See it in action: 

TREBLAB X5 True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds (2020 Upgraded), on sale for $59.47 (40% discount)

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Your search for the perfect earbuds is over! The TREBLAB X5 set provides a powerful auditory punch with a sleek design guaranteed to stay put during your long phone calls or sessions at the gym. You get a whopping 35 hours of playtime on a single charge. The sweat-proof design allows you to push yourself as hard as you’d like without fear. And these earbuds pair instantly with any Apple or Android device within a 33-foot range. Rated 4.3/5 stars on Amazon, you’re in good company if you’re rocking these ‘buds. Check them out:

Lenso Cube 1080P Pocket Projector, on sale for $309.99 (61% discount)

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Technological advancement is astounding. Gone are the days of heavy and expensive screen projectors. This powerful movie player fits right into your pocket yet doesn’t sacrifice on quality. Measuring just over two inches on all sides, the Lenso Cube projects at 1080P. The clarity of video and audio is incredible. Play your favorite documentaries and music videos wherever you go, With over 3,600 compatible apps, you can enjoy up to 20 hours of music and two hours of video per charge. Don’t take our word for it: Gadget Flow, Geeky Gadgets, Noova, and Dig It have all featured the Lenso Cub. 

TOKK™ CAM C2: Discreet Day/Night Vision Camera, on sale for $64.99 (18% discount) 

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Security is a necessity in modern life, but many systems are expensive and only cover a small range of territory. That’s where TOKK CAM C2 comes in. This portable, compact Wi-Fi camera magnetically attaches to any metal surface—you can even wear it. Move it room to room or use it as a dashcam and enjoy the 1280x720P resolution. Use the night vision feature for evening recordings. Running 90 minutes on a single charge, you’ll capture whatever you need whenever you need it with this brilliantly designed camera. Look for yourself: 

CleanLight Air UV Air Purifier, on sale for $99.99

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Say goodbye to nearly all smoke, bad odors, pollution, allergens, and pet dander with this handy air purifier. The 360-degree H13 HEPA filter removes 99% of damaging particles in up to 160 square feet of space. Not only will you keep your air clean, add your favorite essential oils to turn it into an aromatherapy machine. The micro-USB power cable and charge port keep this ingenious device working for up to 10,000 hours of air purifying goodness. 

All prices subject to change. 


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