Latest Android Auto Version Blamed for Another Broken Feature

But in addition to all the problems that have been caused by Android 11, there are other glitches hitting Android Auto due to the latest app update.

Or at least, that’s what users blame these days, as some are now no longer receiving new text notifications when running Android Auto with Google’s Messages app on their Android devices.

In the last few days, I’ve seen isolated reports pointing to this problem, but now it looks like the bug is becoming more widespread, causing notifications to no longer be displayed on Android Auto when Google Messages is installed to handle text messages.

According to some users, this behavior showed up after installing the latest Android Auto update, but on the other hand, all these reports of broken notifications emerged in the last few days, whereas Google shipped the latest update a few weeks ago.

The same for Google Messages, as the most recent version of the app is 6.4.044, and it was published in mid-August.

While all of these seem to indicate that neither Android Auto nor Google Messages might be the one to blame for this problem, users claim that downgrading apps brings the experience back to normal. In other words, if you go back from Android Auto 5.6 to version 5.5 everything is once again working exactly as it’s supposed to work, with new text notifications showing up on the screen in the car.

Google is projected to roll out Android Auto 5.7 in the coming weeks, most likely in late September or in early October, but it remains to be seen if a fix for this bug is included.

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