Hurry, Amazon Prime Day deals on Echo Dot, Auto, Kindle and Buds are live NOW

Amazon Prime Day 2020 deals are already rolling in, and the day itself hasn’t officially got underway yet – we’re seeing price drops starting to happen across a whole range of products, with Amazon’s own gadgets at the front of the queue.

Here we’ve got Amazon Prime Day deals on the Amazon Echo Dot, Amazon Echo Show, Amazon Echo Auto, Amazon Echo Flex, Amazon Echo Studio, Amazon Echo Buds and the Kindle Paperwhite… if you’ve been waiting to upgrade your smart home, now is the perfect opportunity to do so.

There’s no guarantee that these price drops will last for very long, so we’d encourage you to make the most of them while you can. Be sure to check out our complete list of the best Amazon Prime Day deals as well, where you’ll find many more offers.

Early Amazon Prime Day deals on Echos and Kindles

Echo Dot 3rd gen | On sale for £18.99 | Was £49.99 | You save £31 at Amazon
With the 4th gen Amazon Echo Dot now out in the world, you can get its 3rd gen predecessor for not very much money at all – and you may even prefer the older design. All of the on-board Alexa smarts are the same of course, and the speaker is going to play very nicely with any other Echos you’ve got set up at home.View Deal

Echo Show 5 | On sale for £39.99 | Was £79.99 | You save £40 at Amazon
Alexa is able to do so much more with a screen, as the Echo Show 5 helps to demonstrate – you can actually see the weather and your calendar appear, as well as watch videos, swipe through your photos, and make video calls. Thanks to the compact 5-inch screen, you can put this almost anywhere in the home and it’ll fit in.View Deal

Echo Show 8 | On sale for £59.99 | Was £119.99 | You save £60 at Amazon
Upgrade your Alexa-powered viewing experience with the Echo Show 8, the 8-inch smart display with Amazon’s smart digital assistant on board. The screen gives you plenty of room for your movies and video calls, while the built-in speaker around the back of the device pumps out your audio with impressive clarity.View Deal

Echo Auto | On sale for £29.99 | Was £49.99 | You save £20 at Amazon
The Amazon Echo Auto does exactly what you would expect it to do: put the Alexa digital assistant inside your car so you can access its wisdom while driving. The clever device will work through your car stereo speakers, hook up to your favourite streaming services, help you with navigating from A to B, and plenty more besides.View Deal

Echo Studio | On sale for £139.99 | Was £189.99 | You save £50 at Amazon
Go premium with your Alexa-powered speaker: the Amazon Echo Studio is the best-sounding Echo in the business, suitable for pumping out your tunes at significant volumes, as well as doing everything else these speakers can do (like telling you the weather forecast or helping you to spell out a particularly long word).View Deal

Echo Flex | On sale for £13.99 | Was £24.99 | You save £11 at Amazon
The Amazon Echo Flex is a reminder, if you needed it, that you can get Alexa built into everything nowadays – in this case, a little box that fits into a spare plug socket. It has a little mini speaker inside it, but you can connect it to other speakers with Bluetooth or a cable if you need to. It’s now close to half price for Amazon Prime Day.View Deal

Echo Buds | On sale for £79.99 | Was £119.99 | You save £40 at Amazon
Amazon’s answer to the Apple AirPods are affordable and tidy and sound fantastic – and now they’re £40 off for Prime Day too. There’s Bose Active Noise Reduction Technology built in to reduce the sound of the outside world, and you can access Alexa hands-free too. Battery life is rated at an average of 5 hours between charges.View Deal

Echo Dot (3rd gen) + Amazon Smart Plug | On sale for £28.99 | Was £74.98 | You save £45.99 at Amazon
This is a deal to help you seriously level up your smart home for less – a super-cheap Echo Dot and Smart Plug deal, which means you can be telling Alexa to turn your lamps and other gadgets on and off in no time at all. You’re making a saving of almost £50 on these two items compared with buying them both separately.View Deal

Echo Dot (3rd gen) + Lifx White Smart Bulb | On sale for £23.99 | Was £64.98 | You save £40.99 at Amazon
The beauty of Lifx bulbs is that you don’t need a separate hub to use them, as they connect directly to your Wi-Fi. Get this bulb set up with your Alexa-powered Echo Dot, and you can then add more bulbs and other lights as needed from the Lifx range – they’ll all work perfectly with the Echo Dot and your other Echo speakers.View Deal

Echo Dot (3rd gen) + Philips Hue Colour Smart Bulb | On sale for £38.99 | Was £99.98 | You save £60.99 at Amazon
Big big savings on this 3rd gen Echo Dot complete with a smart bulb from one of the best brands in the business, Philips Hue. If you’re looking to dip your toes into the smart home waters then this is an ideal way to get started – you’ll have your smart speaker talking to your smart lights in no time at all with this product combination.View Deal

Kindle Paperwhite | On sale for £79.99 | Was £119.99 | You save £40 at Amazon
There’s never been a better time to get into ereading, because Amazon just knocked a substantial £40 off its Kindle Paperwhite device. This is the mid-range model, bringing you a bright, sharp 6-inch screen, waterproofing, and of course access to millions of digital books that can be downloaded and stored on your Kindle.View Deal

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