How Drivers Without a Job Can Find More Affordable Car Insurance

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In these challenging times, finding a way to lower expenses has never been more important, especially for persons who are struggling with a job loss. Car insurance is a common household expense, but even for unemployed persons, car insurance is legally required for them to be able to drive on the road. Fortunately, insurers do not charge unemployed people more money. Also, they are extending grace periods and halting cancellations to help out their customers during the coronavirus pandemic.

For unemployed people, cheap car insurance that provides good coverage is crucial. To get that, unemployed drivers can follow the next tips:

  • Avoid traffic violations and adopt defensive driving habits. Insurance companies calculate auto insurance rates based on risk, so the less risky a driver is, the cheaper the insurance will usually be. Citations for things like speeding, texting behind the wheel, driving under the influence, and reckless driving can raise the premiums. A clean driving record with no claims is the way to obtain a safe-driving discount.
  • Allow the insurance company to install a telematics device. Many insurers are offering telematics-based insurance where they use a smartphone app or they install a device that tracks certain driving behaviors, such as hard acceleration and braking, sharp turning, and late-night driving. This type of insurance is a good money-saving option for low-risk drivers. However, this insurance will cost more if the insurer detects risky driving behaviors.
  • Improve the car’s safety ratings Some insurance providers are offering discounts for various safety and security features that are installed in a vehicle. These include safety features like daytime running lights and electronic stability control as well as anti-theft technology, including car alarms, engine immobilizers, and vehicle recovery systems.
  • Switch to pay-per-mile insurance. Nowadays, pay-per-mile car insurance is an increasingly popular way of buying auto insurance. More and more people are using their cars to travel for fewer miles. Usually, drivers who drive less than 10,000 miles per year are eligible.
  • Adjust the value of deductibles Drivers who are driving older vehicles should not keep full coverage on them. In many cases, comprehensive and collision insurance are useless on older vehicles. Raising the deductible is another adjustment that can be made to pay cheaper premiums. By raising the deductible, the policyholders will pay less on their premiums, but they will also have to pay more money out of their pockets if they will have to file a claim.
  • Look for occupational and group discounts. Insurers are offering discounts to certain professionals like medical professionals, first responders, teachers, pilots, accountants, engineers, architects, scientists, active-duty military personnel, and veterans. Unemployed drivers can take advantage of defensive driving discounts. Also, drivers can get a group rate through an affiliation like AARP and AAA.
  • Keep a good credit score. In many states, insurance companies use the credit score to determine auto insurance rates. A good credit score will help the policyholder get access to more affordable premiums.
  • Shop around. Shopping around can help the drivers find out what insurance prices are in their areas. Also, they can discover better insurance deals from other insurance companies.

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