Horrible CarPlay Experience on Honda Cars, Companies Blaming Each Other

CarPlay is often considered the more reliable alternative to Android Auto, but on the other hand, this is no guarantee that everything is always working flawlessly in the Apple world.

And Honda car owners certainly know this the best, as many of them have been struggling with various bugs when running CarPlay on their head units.

One of the most widespread issues in Honda models causes CarPlay to just crash all of a sudden, in some cases even triggering a reboot of the head unit entirely. In most of the cases, however, CarPlay just crashes and recovers after the iPhone is disconnected and plugged in one more time.

Oddly enough, many users claim the whole thing happens when navigation apps are being used, including Google Maps, Apple Maps, and Waze.

I have the 2017 Accord and it happens pretty often, just restarts itself. It happens on Apple Maps, Google Maps and Waze though Apple Maps is a bit less prone to it. I suspect it happens right when the directions are about to be spoken out, when getting near to the exit. Super annoying stuff. I also had it once completely taking out all the screens on the car – just blank screens for half an hour until I stopped and restarted the car,” one use explains in a discussion thread on reddit.

What does Honda have to say about the whole thing? It’s Apple’s fault, the dealership reportedly said, while the Cupertino-based tech giant obviously claims users should blame the carmaker.

The bad news is that while the two companies claim the bug is not caused by their own products, users are all alone in their attempt to resolve the whole thing. Unfortunately, the generic workarounds, which in the Apple ecosystem come down to just changing the cable and resetting the iPhone, don’t make any difference, so there’s not much to try right now if CarPlay isn’t working correctly in your Honda.

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