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Honda, Toyota cars in India likely to use Sharp Plasmacluster air purifier: Here’s how it works

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We recently received an invitation from Sharp. Sharp as you may be aware, has been making electronics from ages. The Japanese company is quite well-known in India as well. The email said that there is a new air purifier that Sharp is launching soon and it will be available commercially as well. This Sharp Plasmacluster air purifier can not only be used at home but also in cars. While Sharp didn’t comment on the Indian availability of the same, the very fact that the company has tie-ups with respected names. These include Honda, Nissan and Toyota. A source tells us that it is highly likely that one of these Japanese majors will use this technology in their new cars. As it is given the current situation, many manufacturers are incorporating the air purifier tech in their offerings. Yes, we are looking at MG, Kia and Hyundai who have this in their mass-produced cars.

So, this was the opportune moment to ask the Sharp India spokesperson, Shinji Minatogawa the MD of Sharp Business Systems India Pvt Ltd. Given below are the excerpts from the conversation.

Express Drives (ED): We’ve heard that Sharp products are available in cars from Honda, Toyota. Please explain what components are used there.

Shinji Minatogawa (SM): Sharp has various types of Plasmacluster ion generators, broadly it is divided according to the size and ions (positive & negative) density released in air. However the basic mechanism is the same, this device releases positive & negative ions with electrically charged poles. Since this is a patented technology, we cannot reveal more details. However, the ions released by the Plasmacluster generator are the same as found in nature which is safe and effective. This kind of device is used in various car models by Honda, Nissan and Toyota.

ED: How will PlasmaCluster help cars and has Sharp tied up with any car manufacturer for the same?

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SM: In today’s time, the major concern for travellers in a car is cross-infection due to virus or bacteria. Bad odour is another factor which people often complain about, probably that is why most people use chemical loaded perfumes to hide them. Sharp’s Plasmacluster technology releases high density natural positive & negative ions to suppress microbes and remove bad smell like cigarette smoke or food smell. All Sharp Car Air Purifiers are laced with PCI technology and filters to trap fine dust particles and are suitable for all SUVs & sedans.

Sharp Corporation, Japan has tied up with other automobile giants like Honda, Nissan & Toyota. Plasmacluster ion technology is used in their air conditioning system to overcome various issues as mentioned.

ED: When will we see it in a worldwide application? When will it be in India?

SM: The Plasmacluster technology was developed in Japan, by Sharp Corporation. After various testing, the mass production started & it was available for users from the year 2000. In India, we started test marketing of Air Purifiers in 2011. Since 2013, we have been focusing on this business. This technology is in all air purifier line up & air conditioners. Even though we haven’t tested efficacy against SARS-CoV-2  of our products in actual conditions but understanding from Professor Yasuda we will definitely have a positive effect against Coronavirus.

ED: What was the technology used and how different is it from other operators?

SM: Plasmacluster Technology is developed by Sharp, it releases natural Positive & Negative ions to generate fresh air, suppress microbes, reduce static charge and remove bad smell. Currently, this technology is certified from over 30 global labs ensuring its effectiveness and safety. Worldwide over 90 million products were sold equipped with Plasmacluster technology. Unlike other brands that use filters to trap pollutants, Sharp uses a set of filters along with Plasmacluster technology to remove a wide range of pollutants not only from the air but from surfaces as well.

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