Honda To Reveal Electric Surprise At Chinese Auto Show With Implications For Partnership With General Motors

Honda may have just launched its tiny, funky, slightly overpriced electric car, called simply “e,” to mixed reviews in Europe and Japan, but in China on September 26, it will unveil the brand’s first-ever dedicated EV concept car for the Chinese market at Auto China 2020 in Beijing. The teaser image (above) revealed together with the information-starved teaser story, is abstract to say the least, revealing a sharp-nosed EV with stylish LED headlights and not much else.

Honda is keeping the all-new EV’s name close to its chest for the time being, but have let on that the concept will point in the direction of a future mass-produced model.

Honda also reports that it will reveal the CR-V PHEV plug-in hybrid, its first plug-in model in China as well as several other electrified models, some of which are market-ready.

Having just jumped on the EV bandwagon, the Japanese automaker will, in addition to the “e” in Europe and Japan, and the new EV concept in China, jointly develop two new EVs with General Motors destined to land in showrooms in 2024. The new Honda EV concept to be revealed in China will shine light on what we can expect from the joint venture.

Under the joint plan, the automakers will focus on their respective areas of strength with Honda concentrating on exterior and interior design, while GM will input its new electric vehicle architecture and high performance Ultium batteries that deliver fast-charging options.

GM’s new EV platform is capable of catering to 19 different battery and drive-unit configurations. To be produced at GM’s plants in North America, GM’s hands-free advanced driver assist technology, called Super Cruise, will feature in the new vehicles as well.

GM and Honda have a long history of collaboration dating back over 20 years, but more recently, the two firms have worked to co-develop hydrogen fuel cell technology in a partnership that has realized some 1,200 patents. In the last four years, Honda has invested $2.75 billion in an exclusive agreement with GM and its self-driving Cruise technology to create a next-generation autonomous vehicle, the Cruise Origin. GM will be watching Honda’s reveal in China very closely.

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