Google Maps Gets Dedicated Car UI. Much Like That Of Android Auto

Google Maps is set to receive an in car navigation UI very similar to that of Android Auto. As reported by Android Police, this is the first time we will see dedicated Android Auto-style buttons and home screen on Google Maps.

This comes as Google Maps began introducing its worldwide COVID layer. This was designed to provide users with local and national statistics on the virus.

The app has also worked on its ability to predict traffic patterns to provide better ETAs over recent weeks. The new update sees the app using Google’s DeepMind AI to better understand and predict traffic patterns.

Google Maps has previously had music playback controls show up in navigation before. However, this is a new step for Google Maps its self to have an in car UI.

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Google maps ready to receive in car UI

As the above screenshots show, the interface looks much like that of Android Auto’s view. The main difference is that it is based purely out of the Maps app.

The bottom two buttons are for the navigation mode, one is for voice and the other for the home screen. A third will also appear if you are not on the navigation screen so you can quickly return to it.

Above this, you can see a music playback interface. This is something that has featured in Maps before but now looks like it is more ingrained in the interface.

Then above the music playback is the standard Maps interface. There is little to see here and is largely what we already know.

As you can see there are some changes when it comes to pressing the home screen button. This brings you to an intuitive screen where you can reach all the essential functions of your phone.

This includes a “Calls” screen which contains your top three contacts and three most recent calls, with a “Call someone else” button.

There is also a similar messages function as well as interfaces for podcasts and other music apps. Google has also deemed that a dedicated YouTube Music interface is also essential and gets a place on this screen.

When you get into the individual interfaces things become slightly more puzzling. It generally seems to offer exactly the same functionality as Android Auto’s interface.

However, you lose the ability to use Waze as the navigator. Given Android Auto is set to be replaced by a new Assistant Drive Mode, this is all a bit weird.

It, therefore, appears that this new Maps function has not been fully developed as of yet. It has reached a fair few individuals though so it must be near completion. We may have to wait and see if Google plays around with this update going forwards.

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