Get an Amazon Echo Auto at its lowest ever price ahead of the Prime Day party

Want to add Alexa smarts to your old banger of a motor? This top cut from the early Prime Day deals 2020 sales gets you the Amazon Echo Auto at its lowest ever price.

Knocking 40% off the usual £49.99, it brings the Amazon Echo Auto down to just £29.99, saving you a significant £20. 

Amazon Echo Auto: £29.99 (40% off) at Amazon
Bringing voice control to your car for safe smart connectivity options, you’ll be able to ask Alexa for everything from weather reports to news reports, playlist playback to podcast picks. Connecting over your car’s speakers through the aux input jack or to your phone over Bluetooth, its hands-free nature makes it safe yo use while driving.
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Being able to make calls and access your entertainment system on the road safely is a big concern for drivers, and not everyone has the latest built-in entertainment systems that let you do so. An affordable alternative, this small connected Alexa system brings everything you’ve come to expect from the Amazon voice assistant into your car, from music control to news reports, facts, figures, calling options and reminders and alarms. It’s a great little upgrade at a low price (though do check your car is compatible before making the purchase – the vast majority of vehicles are, so it’s unlikely to be a problem.

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