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FreightFriend’s Freight Guru software tackles tight freight market with automated carrier engagement

Freight Guru increases carrier acceptance rates while reducing freight costs, and includes features to identify new carriers and drive carrier engagement.

CHICAGO, Oct. 1, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — In the past five years, four dramatic, cyclical shifts have shaken the U.S. truckload market and caused wild fluctuations from shifts in trucking supply or shipper demand. Pandemic-related global supply chain issues have only heightened the current shift, further tightening available capacity.

Noam Frankel, founder and CEO of FreightFriend, a truckload procurement platform, has encountered major market shifts like these many times during his 40 years in transportation, though never this frequently.

“It’s the tightest market we’ve seen in a long time,” said Frankel. “Carriers are getting hammered with inbound opportunities. It’s why we developed the latest version of FreightFriend to cut through the noise so shippers and brokers can rank matching freight and send only targeted loads to their carriers.”

The newly released FreightFriend 2.0 introduces Freight Guru, a powerful tool that eases the burden of engaging asset carriers. Freight Guru’s ranking algorithms blend a client’s proprietary data with publicly available data and data shared by friended carriers to match freight with capacity. Matching results are then ranked and auto-communicated to the user’s carrier partners. As carriers respond, Freight Guru dynamically learns and adjusts, using machine learning to refine carrier preferences and further improve matches.

“Carrier engagement is already a difficult task, regardless of market conditions,” said Frankel. “But because FreightFriend doesn’t require carriers to sign up or sign in to receive matches, provide a quote, or book-it-now, it increases the likelihood that carriers will reach out to their partners.”

Freight Guru was designed to work in tandem with FreightFriend’s full CRM and dynamic routing engine, which ranks carrier and capacity results for any load or lane, enabling more flexible tendering. Together, they help shippers, brokers, and carriers better coordinate freight with capacity by improving productivity and reducing costs for freight partners in all market conditions.

Like FreightFriend 1.0, the new version protects user information, allowing users to decide what information to share with the partners they prefer to work with and trust.

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About FreightFriend: FreightFriend is a cloud-based truckload procurement solution that harnesses the power of AI to find capacity and match freight. The software solutions include a carrier relationship management (CRM) platform, freight matching and a relationship-based marketplace, and predictive new carrier discovery.

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Freight Guru’s userless matches page allows shippers and brokers to auto-communicate targeted, ranked freight matches to carriers that are not on the FreightFriend platform. Carriers can provide feedback, quote, or book-it-now.

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