Former Ford execs launch platform to find and compare medical transport businesses

DETROIT — With an aging population that increasingly needs not just medical care, but also reliable transportation to and from procedures, a startup company in suburban Detroit aims to ease some of the anxiety of caregivers navigating that complex world.

Minyang Jiang previously ran Ford Motor Co.’s GoRide, a medical transport initiative launched in 2017 and shut down by the automaker last year, Automotive News reported. Now Jiang, along with fellow ex-Ford executive Brad Jaeger, have launched Uncurb Inc., described by Jiang as an “Expedia for higher touch (medical) transportation.”

The company, which formally launched Tuesday, worked with Detroit-based Neon Software Co. to design its platform that allows customers to find and compare transportation based on their needs, get quote estimates, see vehicle photos and review provider credentials.

Jiang, 36, said the target demographic for the company is busy working professionals with elderly parents who suddenly need reliable transportation for medical care.

“So all of a sudden, you know, your life’s already really busy and packed, and you have the parent who needs a little bit of help,” Jiang said. “And you don’t even know where to begin. You’re dealing with medical bills, you’re dealing with trying to find the next source of rehab. So where do you even go to start doing this research? And that’s something we’ve heard again and again from customers, this idea of like, not even knowing where to begin.”

The idea is to make all those details “much more transparent” to the broader public.

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