Daimler risks sales ban after Sharp wins patent clash

Daimler risks a sales ban of its cars in Germany after losing its second patent case over mobile technology in three weeks, this time against Japan’s Sharp.

A court in Munich confirmed it granted an injunction to the electronics company. It’s similar to one granted to former mobile phone giant Nokia.

Thursday’s ruling allows Sharp to ban sales of Daimler vehicles as the court found the automaker used its technology without a license.

The suit is part of a broader fight between Daimler and several technology companies that are suing to make the automaker take a license from a pool of patent owners.

Nokia, which joined forces with Sharp in the dispute, won its injunction in Mannheim on Aug. 18, but has not enforced it yet. The tribunal in that case ruled Nokia can only go ahead with the ban if it posts collateral of 7 billion euros ($8.3 billion).

The Munich judges on Thursday were less strict and imposed collateral of only 5.5 million euros, making it much easier to enforce the judgment.

Daimler, which can appeal, did not immediately reply to an email seeking comment.

Under German law, if a ruling is on appeal, it can only be enforced if the winner posts collateral. That money is a security deposit so that the other party can use it to cover its losses in case it ultimately wins its own appeal.

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