Carlock Automotive Group expands

Published 5:46 p.m. CT Sept. 18, 2020


Carlock Automotive Group announced this week it has acquired three new dealerships in Tennessee.

The new Carlock Automotive Volkswagens and Mitsubishi locations were previously owned by Hallmark Automotive. The acquisition was finalized effective close of business on Aug. 14. 

The new locations include VW North Nashville in Madison, Mitsubishi in Madison, and VW Cool Springs in Franklin.

“As a family owned business, Carlock Automotive Group is honored and eager to carry on the Hallmark Automotive legacy,” said Clay Carlock, owner of Carlock Automotive Group. “Through continued dedication to our customers and the community, we are excited to grow the Volkswagen and Mitsubishi brands in the Nashville area.”

Volkswagen has been manufactured in Tennessee since 2011.

Carlock Automotive Group serves customers at their 11 locations throughout Tennessee, Mississippi, and Alabama. In addition to the newly acquired Tennessee locations, Carlock also owns Carlock Nissan of Jackson.

“Carlock Automotive Groups has been in business since 1967,” Carlock said. “Because we are a family owned business we care deeply about people, our guests and our staff who have grown our business over the years. Through this acquisition, the Carlock team is looking forward to continuing to support the community we call home.”

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