Camera Bits releases Photo Mechanic Plus, a new DAM with an emphasis on speed, efficiency: Digital Photography Review

Camera Bits, the company behind the popular photo ingestion program Photo Mechanic, has released its newest product, Photo Mechanic Plus. This new program features all of the ingestion, code replacement and other features within the standard Photo Mechanic program, but takes it a step further by adding a full-fledged digital asset manager (DAM) for organizing and sorting through your photographs with ease, not unlike Adobe Photoshop Bridge or the ‘Catalog’ module in Lightroom.

The new program includes all of the features of Photo Mechanic 6, but also adds a powerful database option for managing all of your photos on macOS and Windows computers. This includes the ability to create individual catalogs that can be accessed independently or together based on the filters and parameters you’ve applied.

Camera Bits claims you can scroll through a million photos ‘without a pause’ in its new DAM. While this might seem implausible, anyone who’s used Photo Mechanic knows how quickly the program is capable of displaying and sorting through thousands of images without bringing your computer to a halt.

Other features include a powerful search box for finding exactly the images you need as well as saved searches for keywords and parameters you frequently need to access. Filters and Collections can further be used to sub-categorize your images. Below is a fantastic video rundown from Camera Bits showing off the new features inside Photo Mechanic Plus:

Photo Mechanic Plus includes all functionality of Photo Mechanic 6, but is a separate purchase. A perpetual single-user license will set you back $229 (as an introductory price, with $399 being the eventual retail price), while an upgrade from Photo Mechanic 5 and Photo Mechanic 6 will set you back $179 and $90, respectively. A 30-day free trial is available as well if you want to take Photo Mechanic Plus for a spin before purchasing a license.

You can find out more information on Camera Bits’ website and view the pricing details on the Photo Mechanic product page.

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