Californians on 2035 new gas engine car sales ban

There was reaction Wednesday to an announcement from Gov. Gavin Newsom that California will halt sales of new gasoline-powered passenger cars and trucks by 2035. Gov. Newsom says the move will cut greenhouse gas emissions by 35% in the state. (Sept. 23)

Video Transcript

GAVIN NEWSOM: By 2035, in the next 15 years, we will eliminate in the state of California the sales of internal combustion engines. We will move forward to green and decarbonize our vehicle fleet here in the state of California.

FERGUS BORDEWICH: Over time, I think more and more of the country is going to, however grudgingly, come around and to support this kind of policymaking. And it’s fortunate that we live in a state that’s forward-looking on this kind of policy.

JOEL LEVIN I think it’s the right thing to do from an environmental perspective. I mean, you’ve seen all the stories about our forests burning and the hurricanes and all the other impacts of climate change. And I think it’s the right thing to do from an economic perspective. If we want to continue to be leaders in technology and to have a robust auto industry going forward, I think it’s a no-brainer.

Four and five years from now, depending on who you ask, EVs are going to hit price parity with gas cars. And then they’re going to get cheaper. So long before 2035, you’ll see electric vehicles that will outcompete gas cars on price. And we’re already getting to the point where they have comparable range.

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