California to end sales of gas-powered cars by 2035

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. (KRON) – “We will move forward to green and decarbonize our vehicle fleet here in the state of California,” Governor Gavin Newsom said.

Just weeks after saying we are in a quote “climate damn emergency,” Governor Gavin Newsom has put forth his latest plan to combat climate change.

On Wednesday, he revealed a plan for the state to stop the sale of new gas powered vehicles by 2035. 

The first question everyone is asking is if I just recently bought a car that is gas-powered, will I still be able to drive it after 2035.

The answer is yes — If you already own a car that runs on gas this doesn’t affect you but come 2035, if you’re looking to buy a new car the new vehicles on car lots will all be zero-emission. 

Some dealerships said 15 years that’s enough time and it makes sense but there’s one group that’s questioning the governor’s plan.

“If you’re an American manufacturer, how can you compete globally unless you’re in that business unless you’re pushing the boundaries of innovation,” Newsom said.

Standing in front of several electric vehicles, Governor Newsom set forth what he called a firm goal, that 15 years from now, California will eliminate the new sales of gas-powered vehicles. 

He says the decision will cut greenhouse gas emissions by 35 percent.

“We’re not taking anything away, we’re providing an abundance of new choices and new technology,” Newsom said.

Not everyone is quick to hop on board though.

The California New Car Dealers Association released a statement Wednesday questioning the state’s preparedness to take on such a directive pointing out California is currently falling short of the current aspirations for zero-emission vehicles on the road.

The group goes on to express concerns for the impact on consumers stating those ZEV’s are often more expensive. 

The group went on to say, “While we support the state’s goals to combat climate change, there are many questions and factors that need to be thoughtfully considered and addressed before implementing such a mandate on consumers.” 

Under this proposed auto emissions rule, drivers of gas-powered vehicles can keep their cars and there will still be a market for used vehicles come 2035.

The California Air Resources Board is now tasked with writing the new vehicle rules. 

“We believe the Clean Air Act gives us the authority to set exactly the kinds of standards that we have set since the late 60s and we look forward to being able to do that in the future,” Mary Nichols said.

Roughly a dozen states are expected to follow California’s lead on this.

To coincide with the expectation of more electric vehicles, the governor also directed state agencies to speed up the development of charging stations across the state.

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