Best large companies to work for in Colorado

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Editor’s note: The information contained in this list was taken from the Energage database — information provided by the businesses themselves. It was done pre-pandemic, so it’s possible some of the information is dated, but it is representative of the state of the companies when the survey was done and when the top 150 list was decided.

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No. 1


Years named: 1

Founded: 1999

Headquarters: San Francisco, Calif.

Employees: 40,000, with 508 in Colorado

Locations: 2 in Colorado

No. 2

Edward Jones

Years named: 8

Founded: 1922

Headquarters: St. Louis, Mo.

Employees: 47,317, with 855 in Colorado

Locations: 373 in Colorado

No. 3

Encore Electric Inc.

Years named: 2

Founded: 2003

Headquarters: Lakewood

Employees: 856, with 770 in Colorado

Locations: 1 in Colorado

No. 4

Progressive Insurance

Years named: 3

Founded: 1937

Headquarters: Mayfield Village, Ohio

Employees: 39,966, with 2,483 in Colorado

Locations: 4 in Colorado

Facts: Progressive was the first auto insurance group to launch a website, the first publicly held company to report results monthly, and the first insurance company to offer pet injury coverage.

No. 5

Breckenridge Grand Vacations

Years named: 6

Founded: 1985

Headquarters: Breckenridge

Employees: 630

Locations: 1

Facts: Breckenridge Grand Vacations is a family-owned company that builds, sells and manages fractional resorts in Breckenridge.

No. 6


Years named: 6, 4 consecutive

Founded: 2003

Headquarters: Belmont, Calif.

Employees: 4,048, with 616 in Colorado

Locations: 2 in Colorado

Facts: RingCentral empowers employees to work better together from any location using its unified voice, video meetings, team messaging, digital customer engagement, and integrated contact center solutions.

No. 7

Zillow Group

Years named: 4

Founded: 2006

Headquarters: Seattle

Employees: 5,200, with 506 in Colorado

Locations: 3 in Colorado

Facts: Zillow Group is an online database of real estate and home-related companies that focus on all stages of the home lifecycle: renting, buying, selling, financing and home improvement.

No. 8

Keysight Technologies

Years named: 2

Founded: 2014

Headquarters: Santa Rosa, Calif.

Employees: 13,480, with 896 in Colorado

Locations: 3 in Colorado

Facts: Keysight manufactures equipment and software to design, test, manufacture and optimize electronics technology.

No. 9

Pinnacol Assurance

Years named: 4

Founded: 1915

Headquarters: Denver

Employees: 656

Locations: 1

Facts: Pinnacol Assurance provides workers compensation protection to 57,000 Colorado employers and their employees.

No. 10


Years named: 3

Founded: 2011

Headquarters: San Francisco

Employees: 700, with 693 in Colorado

Locations: 1 in Colorado

Facts: Gusto processes tens of billions of dollars of payroll and enables thousands of businesses to provide employee benefits, including health insurance, retirement plans and college savings plans.

No. 11

Booz Allen Hamilton

Years named: 1

Founded: 1914

Headquarters: McLean, Va.

Employees: 27,000 with 611 in Colorado

Locations: 2

Facts: Booz Allen Hamilton is a consulting firm with experts in analytics, digital, engineering, and cybersecurity that helps clients choose the right strategy and technology to realize their vision.

No. 12

Craig Hospital

Years named: 7

Founded: 1907

Headquarters: Englewood

Employees: 1,056

Locations: 1

Facts: Craig Hospital is a nonprofit rehabilitation and research hospital that exclusively specializes in the neurorehabilitation and research of patients with spinal cord and brain injuries.

No. 13


Years named: 2

Founded: 1993

Headquarters: Greenwood Village

Employees: 14,800, including 688 in Colorado

Locations: 85 in Colorado

Facts: Greystar provides property management services for residential housing, apartment homes, furnished corporate housing, and mixed-use properties that incorporate retail space.

No. 14

Fidelity Investments

Years named: 4, 2 consecutive

Founded: 1946

Headquarters: Boston

Employees: 40,000, with 900 in Colorado

Locations: 1 in Colorado

Facts: Fidelity offers financial and retirement planning services and was one of the first U.S. companies to provide student loan repayment assistance to employees. More than 330 Colorado employees have saved $1.3 million since the program started in 2016.

No. 15

OnDeck Capital Inc.

Years named: 1

Founded: 2007

Headquarters: New York

Employees: 736, with 576 in Colorado

Locations: 1 in Colorado

Facts: OnDeck has issued more than $12 billion in loans to more than 100,000 small businesses in more than 700 industries since the company was founded in 2007.

No. 16

Charles Schwab & Co.

Years named: 8

Founded: 1971

Headquarters: San Francisco

Employees: 19,500, with 4,136 in Colorado

Locations: 8 in Colorado

Facts: Charles Schwab offers a full range of securities brokerage, banking, money management and financial advisory services to individual investors and independent investment advisors.

No. 17

Saunders Construction Inc.

Years named: 3

Founded: 1972

Headquarters: Englewood

Employees: 539

Locations: 3

Facts: Saunders Construction is one of Colorado’s largest construction contractors and provides design-build, public-private partnership and commercial real estate development services.

No. 18


Years named: 4, 3 consecutive

Founded: 1951

Headquarters: Philadelphia

Employees: 15,000, including 1,056 in Colorado

Locations: 1 in Colorado

Facts: Accenture provides professional services in strategy, consulting, digital, technology and operations.

No. 19

Rose Medical Center

Years named: 6

Founded: 1948

Headquarters: Denver

Employees: 1,200 with 1,110 in Colorado

Locations: 1

Facts: Rose Medical Center is a leader in comprehensive women’s health, surgical and endoscopy services, heart and vascular, orthopedics and spine surgery, total joint replacement, bariatrics, and sports, internal and aesthetic medicine. It was the first Denver hospital to allow Jewish, African American and female physicians to practice medicine.

No. 20


Years named: 9

Founded: 1963

Headquarters: Lakewood

Employees: 3,011, including 2,829 in Colorado

Locations: 110 in Colorado

Facts: Colorado’s largest locally-owned bank offers retail banking and financing solutions to consumers and businesses.

No. 21

American Financing

Years named: 3

Founded: 2001

Headquarters: Aurora

Employees: 533

Locations: 1

Facts: American Financing is a family-owned, minority-owned mortgage banker licensed in all 50 states that specializes in residential mortgages and home refinancing.

No. 22


Years named: 6

Founded: 1922

Headquarters: San Antonio, Texas

Employees: 34,850, with 1,910 in Colorado

Locations: 1 in Colorado

Facts: USAA is a diversified financial services group originally formed by a group of Army officers who wanted to self-insure each other and formed the United States Army Automobile Association. USAA has since expanded to offer banking and insurance services to past and present members of the Armed Services.

No. 23

Clinica Campesina/Family Health Services

Years named: 8, 5 consecutive

Founded: 1977

Headquarters: Lafayette

Employees: 659, with 625 in Colorado

Locations: 5 in Colorado

Facts: Clinica plays a critical role in providing primary health care services to low-income and/or uninsured Colorado residents.

No. 24

Bright Horizons Family Solutions

Years named: 8

Founded: 1986

Headquarters: Watertown, Mass.

Employees: 32,388, with 818 in Colorado

Locations: 8 in Colorado

Facts: Bright Horizons operates more than 1,000 child care centers worldwide and partners with more than 1,100 leading employers across nearly every industry.

No. 25

Martin Marietta Materials

Years named: 2

Founded: 1993

Headquarters: Raleigh, N.C.

Employees: 9,000, with 1,366 in Colorado

Locations: 50 in Colorado

Facts: Martin Marietta, the largest underground miner of limestone in the U.S., is a leading supplier of building materials, including aggregates, cement, ready mix concrete and asphalt.

No. 26

Mental Health Center of Denver

Years named: 8

Founded: 1989

Headquarters: Denver

Employees: 818

Locations: 32

Facts: The Mental Health Center of Denver serves people with mental illness, trauma, and co-occurring substance abuse disorders. The center provides a walk-in clinic and respite care as part of a statewide network of mental health, substance use and emotional crisis help.

No. 27

Jefferson Center For Mental Health

Years named: 8

Founded: 1958

Headquarters: Wheat Ridge

Employees: 620

Locations: 18

Facts: The Jefferson Center has served as a nonprofit, community-focused mental health care and substance use treatment provider for more than 60 years. The center is part of the statewide mental health crisis system.

No. 28

DaVita Inc.

Years named: 8, 2 consecutive

Founded: 1999

Headquarters: Denver

Employees: 60,000, with 2,735 in Colorado

Locations: 1 in Colorado

Facts: Davita provides kidney dialysis services through more than 3,000 outpatient dialysis centers in the United States and other countries.

No. 29

Sturgeon Electric Company Inc.

Years named: 8

Founded: 1912

Headquarters: Henderson

Employees: 1200, with 908 in Colorado

Locations: 6 in Colorado

Facts: Sturgeon Electric Company provides commercial and industrial electrical construction services, telecommunication services, traffic signals, and high voltage distribution, service and maintenance. Company founder, Dwight “D.D.” Sturgeon, put up the first outdoor Christmas light display to cheer up his sick son.

No. 30

CACI International Inc.

Years named: 3

Founded: 1962

Headquarters: Arlington, Va.

Employees: 22,000, with 1,279 in Colorado

Locations: 1 in Colorado

Facts: CACI International provides information technology services to many branches of the federal government, including defense, homeland security, intelligence, and healthcare.

No. 31


Years named: 7

Founded: 2012

Headquarters: Aurora

Employees: 24,540

Locations: 200

Facts: The UCHealth University of Colorado Hospital is a Level I trauma center and the principal teaching hospital for the University of Colorado School of Medicine. U.S. News and World Report ranked the hospital the best in Colorado and the 15th best in the nation.

No. 32

Murdoch’s Ranch & Home Supply

Years named: 1

Founded: 1994

Headquarters: Bozeman, Mont.

Employees: 1,630, with 599 in Colorado

Locations: 13 in Colorado

Facts: Murdoch’s operates stores in five states and an e-commerce website.

No. 33

Vivage Senior Living

Years named: 2

Founded: 2012

Headquarters: Lakewood

Employees: 3,230, with 2,102

Locations: 31

Facts: Vivage is the largest skilled nursing Medicaid provider in Colorado and offers post-acute rehabilitation, senior living, and long-term care, including home health, hospice and pharmacy services.

No. 34

Nelnet Inc.

Years named: 1

Founded: 1978

Headquarters: Lincoln, Neb.

Employees: 6,200, with 520 in Colorado

Locations: 2

Facts: Nelnet helps students and families plan and pay for their education and makes the administrative processes for schools more efficient with student loan servicing, tuition payment processing, school administration software, and college planning resources.

No. 35

DSST Public Schools

Years named: 6, 4 consecutive

Founded: 2004

Headquarters: Denver

Employees: 867

Locations: 16

Facts: DSST, formerly known as the Denver School of Science and Technology, is a public charter STEM network of 14 schools on eight campuses. Operated in partnership with Denver Public Schools, DSST is one of the top 200 public high schools in the U.S.

No. 36

Nutrien/Nutrien Ag Solutions

Years named: 1

Founded: 2018

Headquarters: Loveland

Employees: 22,000, with 757 in Colorado

Locations: 5

Facts: Nutrien is the world’s largest fertilizer company and produces and distributes 27 million metric tons of potash, nitrogen and phosphate products worldwide.

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