Automobile boss Oladugba’s beginning | The Nation

By Olushola Victor

If you visit Engr. Oladugba Raymond’s Lagos garage at the moment, you may be tempted to envy the collection of cars at his disposal. But if you know his story or how he started the business, the envy will be replaced with inspiration.

The Chairman, Oloworay Autos, has been in the business for nine years. From Akure, he has opened offices in Abuja and Lagos, and there are plans to open offices in Imo and Rivers States.

In a chat with Social Circuit, the stylish businessman said that he had always loved automobiles but he didn’t see it as a business venture. He stated: “When I got into the university, I had a friend who was a car dealer. Whenever he was traveling to Cotonou or Lagos to buy an automobile, I always travelled with him and he allowed me to drive. So, that was how I got into the business. Along the line, I made some contacts and these people trusted me with their money. I would travel to Cotonou to buy cars and deliver to the owners. With the profit made from such trips, I was able to buy my first car in 2011.

“While I was using my car, a friend advised me to sell it and buy another one. I had a restaurant where I was selling food. When I got home, I thought about it. The next day, I put “for sale” on the car and I sold the car that very day. I came back to Lagos to buy another car. That was how I started the business.”

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