Auto With a View! Bhubaneshwar Rickshaw Driver Converts Vehicle Into a Garden With Plants, Fish, Birds and Rabbits Inside (Check Pics)

The lockdown situation has made it difficult to visit parks, gardens or zoos. Although things are gradually opening up, social distancing norms and the fear of getting coronavirus is always onto one’s mind. An auto driver in Bhubaneshwar decided to transform his vehicle into a garden because he was missing his home too much. And by garden, we don’t mean just the plants, there is a fish bowl, caged birds and rabbits inside along with. Pictures of his mini-garden auto have been shared online. Mumbai’s First ‘Home System’ Autorickshaw Has Wash Basin, Mobile Phone Charging Point and Purified Drinking Water for Passengers; See Pics.

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 Sujit Digal, an auto driver in Bhubaneswar hails from a village in Kandhamal and because of the lockdown he hasn’t been able to go back home so often. As he feels alone in the hustle-bustle of the city, he decided to get some companions along in his auto. He has potted plants, along with a small fish bowl. He also keeps caged birds and rabbits inside. He told ANI, “Since I can’t go to my village often, I thought of designing my auto in this way. The plants and birds provide a vibe of my village.” Pictures of his auto have been shared online but people have expressed concern about the fish, birds and rabbits.  Beat The Heat! Kolkata Auto Driver Makes a Garden on Top of His Rickshaw to Give an Important Message.

Check The Pics Here:

While his pets may be giving him company, people have expressed concerns of their safety as he would be driving along the busy streets. People expressed that having plants is good but not really impressed with caged animals inside. Planting of trees within an auto is not something we have never seen before, an auto driver in Pune also did something similar to beat the heat last year.  So that seems a good idea, but carrying across caged animals all day within the traffic does not seem to fit well. It can also make the birds and fish feel suffocated.

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