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CLAYSBURG — It may be difficult to find a new bicycle these days, but a Claysburg auto dealer has lots of used bicycles for sale.

Barry and Cindy Weyandt of B&C Auto Sales on Dunnings Highway have sold about 90 bikes in the last two months.

“We had about 160 bikes that we wanted to get rid of. You couldn’t buy any bikes, so we thought now was a good time to get rid of them. They have been selling fast. A lot are from the 1960s and 1970s. We had some from the 1940s. We have quite a few Tank bikes,” Barry Weyandt said. “This stemmed from the bike shortage.”

He said he has been buying up bicycles for about eight years.

“We used to go to Leighty’s Flea Market on Sundays and buy them. We would look in the paper for house sales and estate sales that had bicycles. We would go as far as Somerset, into Maryland and Potter County. We started buying the bikes when Cody (their son) was little.

I guess you could say we had a bike fetish. We figured we would eventually sell them,” Barry Weyandt said.

“I thought they were crazy. He said let’s do it for Cody. We set up a savings account for him. He gets the money from the sales,” Cindy Weyandt said. “We have even had bikes from Japan and England to sell.”

Most of the bicycles sell for about $20.

“We have a lot of old Schwinns that are nice but are not for sale yet. I have a 1963 Schwinn with a springer front end. It has shocks on the front end. We still have about 70 left. Some people are buying the bikes to put on display in their yards, some have baskets on front, and they put flowers in them,” Barry Weyandt said.

Mirror Staff Writer Walt Frank is at 946-7467.

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