Android Auto users are reporting problems w/ Android 11

Android Auto stability issues seem to pop up pretty regularly, and following the release of Android 11 last week, some users are reporting a lot of pretty major issues between the two.

Google might not directly tie Android Auto to system updates, but major updates can be a source of errors with the in-car experience. As our friends over at Android Police recently spotted, that seems to be the case with Android 11.

Apparently, issues being experienced when Android Auto is connected to a phone running Android 11 vary from person to person. Some users say that music isn’t playing smoothly, others say that the Calendar app is missing — although Android Auto v5.6 apparently fixed that bug — and still others mention muted notifications and phone calls not going through the car’s speakers. Apparently, Waze may also be partially broken for some. A couple of users even had their phones lock up to the point of requiring a factory reset!

Not all drivers seem to be affected by these issues — my Pixel 4 XL seems to be working completely fine with Android Auto on the final 11 build — but there’s definitely a considerable number of people experiencing problems. Google hasn’t promised a fix for these issues yet, but given how widespread problems seem to be, the company will probably have something in the works sooner rather than later.

Some Reddit users did discover a potential stopgap, though. Apparently, turning off Bluetooth device scanning seems to help some users.

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