A New and Ideal Way to Sell Your Car, Especially During the Pandemic

IRVINE, Calif., Sept. 02, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — via NetworkWire – MY CAR AUCTION (MCA), a new company to the used car market, has developed an ingenious system to sell a used car during the pandemic. Not only is it quick and convenient, but it is the safest way to expose one’s car to the broadest audience of buyers in order to maximize the price.

MCA’s unique system eliminates the hassle of dozens of dealer calls or calls from strangers that buyers typically receive when selling their car via other sites or methods, and it is fast – typically a seller receives payment in 4-5 business days from listing his or her car. The system is so convenient that it is ideal for any situation – pandemic or not!

This is how MY CAR AUCTION’S system works:

— The seller goes to the website or downloads the app and receives a value for his or her car in 90 seconds.

— MCA has partnered with the largest car auction platform in the U.S. whose pricing system uses a real-time algorithm, which determines the appraised value based on the 8 million car sales totaling over $57 billion in car sale transactions per year. — If the seller likes the price, he or she signs up to have an inspection and a representative of the company goes to their home or place of business to do a 15-minute inspection of the car. The inspector will look at the mechanical aspects of the car, the overall condition of the car, including the paint, interior and frame. The seller’s car is then immediately uploaded to the auction platform for real-time bidding 24/7 and at specific date and time-based auctions, which occur twice a week on Wednesday and Thursdays. The platform exposes the car to an audience of over 50,000 buyers.

— When the seller’s car sells, MCA will call to schedule a time to pick up the car and deliver full payment to the seller. A major differentiator from any other way to sell your car is if the car sells for more than the assigned value, the profit is split between the seller and MCA. — If the seller changes his or her mind and does not want to sell their car, they can cancel at no obligation. The platform is 100% risk free to the seller.


Located in Irvine, California, MCA is a company full of car enthusiasts who have been in the car business for a combined 40+ years. MCA saw an opportunity in the market to create a platform that would truly be an advocate for the consumer. They have put a lot of thought into providing their customers with the most convenient way to sell his or her car … and to get the most money! Currently MCA is operating in Southern California, with plans to expand to Northern California by the end of 2020. A national rollout is planned in 2021. For more information on MCA, go to https://mycarauction.com/.

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