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How to Prank Your Friend’s Computer

For those of you who like to watch prank videos, you guys will also enjoy teasing your own friends. There are tricks that can be done. Take it easy, this trick is harmless and easy to do.

1. Change the shape of the mouse cursor

Generally, the mouse cursor on the computer is shaped like an arrow. In addition, users also do not like if their computers are slow or hang.

In a hang state, by default, the shape of the mouse cursor on the computer is no longer shaped like an arrow, but a colorful circle that rotates, indicating it is loading.

For the first trick, you can change the shape of your friend’s computer mouse cursor with the mouse shape when it hangs. So, your friend will assume the computer is hanging even though it’s fine.

To do this, with Windows, visit Control Panel> select Mouse> select Pointers> replace with the cursor shape of your choice.

If in MacOS, visit System Preferences> choose Accessibility> Display> adjust the shape of the cursor as you wish.

2. The desktop screen is cracked

If you are not satisfied with changing the shape of the mouse, you can try changing the desktop wallpaper to look like a crack.

Who doesn’t panic with a cracked computer screen? In addition to the disturbing vision on the screen, the cost to replace the screen is not cheap.

For those of you who want to give a ‘surprise’ by displaying a cracking effect on a friend’s computer screen, just change the wallpaper on the screen.

You can get it through the Google search engine to find crack wallpapers that are just right for use on the desktop.

3. Control your computer with a wireless mouse

For this one trick, the conditions are that you must have a wireless mouse. If you have, you can immediately launch the ‘attack’.

Connect your wireless mouse to a friend’s computer, then control it remotely. Your friend will definitely be confused by the changing mouse movements even though he isn’t using it.

4. Rotate the screen display

This trick provides a way to turn the computer screen upside down to 180 degrees. So, the screen display which was originally at the top will be reversed to the bottom. This will definitely make your friends feel dizzy to change it back.

Easy to do. For Windows computers, by pressing Ctrl + Alt + down arrow. But if the short method doesn’t work, you can do it by right-clicking on the desktop> choose Screen Resolution> choose flipped to turn the screen upside down.

For macOS, you can do this by going to the System Preferences menu> selecting Display> choosing Rotation> then saving changes. Then the computer screen will appear upside down.

5. Faking desktop screen display

Still around the desktop screen, this time you will fake it. Computer users will definitely be annoyed if the files they click on the desktop can’t be opened continuously.

To work like this, just take a screenshot of your friend’s home screen, then make a new desktop wallpaper. But, you have to hide the initial files on the desktop so that this prank can succeed

6. Turn on and change AutoCorrect

For those of you who have friends who are seriously working on something in Microsoft Word, this could be one way to prevent it. You can turn on the AutoCorrect feature in Microsoft Word while changing the words to be justified.

The trick is to select the Options menu in Microsoft Word> Proofing> AutoCorrect Options> then set the words you want to give the AutoCorrect feature according to your ‘creativity’.

For example like this, every time there is the word ‘indeed’, you change it to ‘indeed more beautiful but not pretentious beautiful’, then the words that come out will be the words that you have changed.

7. Tucked in a ‘reminder’ for fun

For friends who are super busy, you can apply this trick. You simply insert the reminder or reminder on your friend’s computer at random times with the contents of the funny reminder.

So, when your friends think of working on a new agenda, it turns out they only get a funny reminder from you guys.

8. Zoom in or out on the screen

Seeing something too big or too small is not pleasing to the eye. To work with this trick, both on macOS and Windows computers, simply by pressing the Windows / Command button with the symbol = or -. You can adjust whether you want to zoom in or out.