Cellphone Overheating Fix

How to Deal with Cellphone Overheating

Excessive heat is indeed a problem that is often experienced by mobile phones, especially in homecoming moments like now. There are several factors that cause overheating such as the use of mobile phones all day, poor quality batteries, using protective casings that are too thick and other things. Even though this is a natural thing, if overheating continues, it will damage the cellphone and even trigger an explosion.

Basically, cell phone manufacturers have anticipated an explosion (due to overheating) of their products. Various ways to do cell phone manufacturers to prevent these bad things such as improving the quality of the cellphone itself and presenting a cooling system. However, there are several ways to anticipate excessive heat that can trigger an explosion on the cell phone.

Here we summarize some tips that can help prevent overheating on your cell phone.

1. Install the Application as Needed

The use of many of these applications can make the phone heat up quickly. Even though many mobile phones are currently supported with hardware components supporting multitasking, such as high RAM, this omission will still be fatal to mobile phones. If this continues to be done, of course, the potential for overheating cell phones will be enormous. In addition to heat up quickly, the use of too many applications causes the phone to hang often.

2. Use Original Batteries

At present, the use of planting batteries has become a trend in mobile production. But when the battery is starting to drop, we can replace it with a new one. When the cell phone battery is damaged, you should replace it with an original battery that has better quality and has guaranteed durability, even though the price is quite expensive. Usually, low-quality batteries of poor quality do not last long, are often hot and break down quickly.

3. Adequate Cellphone Charge

If your mobile battery is fully charged, you should immediately stop the charging process. The habit of leaving the battery connected to the charger continuously turns out to be unsafe. This can also cause the phone battery to heat up quickly or overheat.

Although some chargers can cut off electricity if the power is 100 percent charged, leaving the battery always in a 100 percent state to continue to be charged is also not good. Charging the battery briefly until it is fully charged repeatedly is even better than a battery left to zero percent and then charged.

In addition, do not use the cellphone that is being charged too often. This can trigger overheating more quickly due to application and hardware processing plus the temperature generated when charging the battery.

4. Remove the Protective Cover

It’s best not to cover the phone with a protective cover that is too thick. The use of a thick cover is good enough to protect the phone from scratches. However, the thick cover can close the incoming air so that the phone gets hot quickly.

5. Leave the Charger Hole open

Some cellphones already use waterproof certification and have a charger hole cover. We recommend that the charger port on a cellphone is not closed. This is done so that the phone does not experience excessive heat or overheating due to lack of air entering the cellphone.

6. Store the phone in a place that has good air ventilation

Store the phone in places that have good air ventilation or are in air-conditioned room temperature. This is quite influential on the quality of the cellphone itself. Also try not to keep the cellphone under the pillow because this will also affect the increase in heat, even exposed to the risk of damage due to the body crushed while sleeping.

7. Don’t Watch YouTube Too Often

Watching YouTube when facing traffic jams is fun. But keep in mind, too long streaming YouTube can accelerate the rising temperature of mobile phones. This is because the video streaming process requires large data and high RAM usage.

8. Turn off the cellphone

This is the ultimate weapon for overheated phones. Turning off the cellphone will obviously stop all processes that occur when the cellphone is on. This will quickly reduce the temperature of the cellphone. Moreover, turning off the cellphone can ‘restore’ the speed of the application process as before.

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