iphone storage

Easy Ways to Free Up iPhone Storage Space

Memory full! That’s the annoying thing that iPhone users often complain of mediocre storage. Sometimes these conditions are due to the amount of cache and temporary files stored on the iPhone.

If it is left full continuously the impact will reduce the performance of your iPhone. Well, so that this does not happen, it is recommended to frequently free up storage space.

There are several easy ways that can be done, namely:

1. Force Restart

This method, often called a cold reset, can help clear temporary files and cache. To run force restart, press and hold the power and home button for a few moments until the Apple logo appears. It is recommended to do a force restart once a week to be safe.

2. Removing Cache Through Settings

Some applications provide controls to clear cache via Settings. It’s just that iOS doesn’t differentiate between which apps provide control, we have to check one by one. The steps are as follows:

  • Enter Settings.
  • When using iOS 9, choose General -> Storage -> iCloud Usage. If iOS 8, select General -> Usage -> Manage Storage, we will see a list of applications installed on the iPhone. The list is sorted by how much the application takes up storage space.
  • If you want to clear the cache, open an application. Then press Delete or press Edit -> Delete All

3. Removing Cache Through Application

As mentioned earlier, some applications do not provide cache control in Settings. They provide these settings in their respective applications.

To clear the cache through the application generally can be done via Settings. For example Tweetbot, we open Settings, then press an account. Then, press the Reset Account Cache.

4. Reinstall the Application

This method will clear the storage space significantly. But before doing so make sure the data in it has been backed up to another place first. The steps are as follows:

  • Press and hold the application icon on the Home screen. After the icon shakes, press the X button in the top left corner of the icon to delete the application.
  • Open the App Store and enter the Purchased section. We can re-download applications that have previously been installed, both free and paid.

5. Reset

This method will clear all cache and make the device recover fast. But before resetting, do a backup via iTunes or iCloud.

After that, open Settings -> General -> Reset -> Erase All Content and Settings -> Erese iPhone. When the reset process is complete, install the required applications and synchronize with iTunes.

6. Application

There are a number of applications that help us organize storage space on the iPhone. Some that are worth a try include Phone Expander, PhoneClean, iFunBox, iMazing and Decipher Phone Cleaner.

7. Disable iOS Features

By disabling a number of features on iOS we can free up storage space, some of which

  • Photo Stream, how to Settings -> Photos & Camera -> My Photo Stream -> Delete.
  • Keep Normal Photo, how to Settings -> Photos & Camera -> Keep Normal Photo, slide the switch to the left.

Apart from that, there’s nothing wrong considering:

  • Removes custom dictionaries.
  • Turn off high-quality voice in VoiceOver.
  • Disables system languages when not in use.
  • Limit Background App Refresh.
  • Delete the email account to remove attachments.
  • In the Messages settings, select the option to not save photos or video attachments.
  • No less important to delete the album Recently Delete in the Photo application.



Iphone Contacts

Easy Ways to Manage Contacts on an iPhone

Although currently the iPhone is widely used to surf the web and send messages through iMessage or Whatsapp. But the telephone function still gets a large portion.

Now, when using this function, of course, we will always access the contact list in the phone book. It’s just because of the many, accounts that we enter, we often find contacts that are not known or have a double name.

So that the contact list is neater and maximally used, this time we will explain how to manage the contact list on the iPhone. There are several steps, but all of them are quite easy to do.

Unifying Multiple Contacts

Accidentally we often save people’s contacts that are actually already on the iPhone. As a result, you find the contact list of the same person more than one.

Luckily iOS 8 allows us to unite the same two contacts. This contact is called Link Contact, how to use it as follows:

  1. Choose a contact list that has a lot of duplication
  2. Press the Edit button at the top right of the screen
  3. Scroll down and tap Link Contacts
  4. Select another contact in the list.

For example, you entered the wrong contact, we can restore it to the beginning. You do this by pressing the red minus button on the wrong name earlier.


Not many people know that iOS 8 supports nicknames on the contact list. Adding a nickname will make it easier for you to send messages. You don’t need to type in your full name, just enough nickname is enough.

How to add a nickname to a contact:

  1. Open one of the contacts you want to put the nickname on
  2. Press the Edit button
  3. By default, the Nickname column will not appear. Then you have to scroll down until you find the Add Field button. Press the button
  4. On the Add Field screen, press Nickname
  5. Return to the contact editing screen. Put a nickname on the contact.

Add Photos

Adding a photo to contact will help identify when they call. Because the photo will be displayed on the screen. Besides these photos will be seen in the Message application when you send messages to each other.

We can manually add photos to contact. You do this by pressing the Edit button on one contact. Then press on the Add Photo circle, you will immediately have the option to shoot directly from the camera or take photos stored on your iPhone.

iOS 8 also offers a way to automatically use profile photos on Facebook. The method is as follows:

  1. Make sure you are logged into your Facebook account. If not open Settings then select Facebook.
  2. After logging in, on the Facebook settings screen, tap Update All Contacts. Facebook will match the contact list on the iPhone with the data. If there are the same contacts, Facebook will update the contact’s photo.

Alternatively, we can also use photos from a Twitter account. The way to integrate this Twitter account is the same as Facebook.

We must first enter into a Twitter account. After logging in, select the same Update Contact option. After Twitter scans for information, when there is a matching contact, the photo will be immediately pinned.

Information Update

iOS provides many information columns on the contact list, such as adding an address or date of birth. Indeed this requires a long time.

But if there is free time, there is no harm in updating the information. So as not to bother typing. It should be done through a computer because it is more convenient to type using a keyboard.