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Aerospace Department

Dr Giuliano Allegri
MSc, PhD, (Reader in Composite Structures, Visiting Fellow in Aerospace Engineering)

Professor Christian Allen
MSc (Bristol), PhD (Bristol), (Head of Department of Aerospace Engineering, Professor of Computational Aerodynamics)
Numerical solutions of unsteady fluid flows

Dr Karen Aplin
PhD, BSc, (Senior Lecturer in Space Engineering)
Electrical measurements; History of science and technology; Ionisation in gases; Novel instrumentation for space and atmospheric deployment; Planetary analogue experiments

Dr Lucy Berthoud
MEng (Bristol), PhD (Toulouse), (Senior Teaching Fellow)
Space platform design; Systems integration

Professor Ian Bond
BSc, PhD (Bath), (Dean of Engineering, Professor of Aerospace Materials)
Development and performance of novel and multifunctional composite materials

Dr Stephen Burrow
MEng, PhD (Bristol), (Reader in Avionics and Aircraft Systems)
Aircraft systems; electrical energy; low-power systems

Professor Jonathan Cooper
BSc (London), PhD (London), FRAeS (Royal Aeronautical Society), Royal Academy of Engineering, Airbus – Sir George White Professor of Aerospace Engineering, (RAEng Airbus Sir George White Professor of Aerospace Engineering)
Aeroelasticity; flight flutter testing; morphing structures; optimisation; structural dynamics

Professor Stephen Eichhorn
BSc in Physics (Leeds), MSc in Materials (Manchester), PhD in Materials (Manchester), (Professor of Materials Science and Engineering)
multifunctional materials (e.g. energy storage, structural colour); nanocellulose; nanocomposite materials; Natural fibres; stress and strain sensing using spectroscopy; sustainable materials

Dr Ian Farrow
BSc (Soton), PhD (CranIT), (Senior Lecturer in Aerospace Structural Design)
Design of aerospace composite structures

Dr Ann Gaitonde
BSc (Exon), PhD (Bristol), ACE (Bristol), (Senior Lecturer in Aerodynamics)
Computational methods to calculate unsteady fluid flows

Professor Stephen Hallett
BSc (Cape Town), DPhil (Oxon), (Professor in Composite Structures)
Composite failure mechanisms and numerical modelling

Dr Ian Hamerton
BSc in Chemistry (Surrey), PhD in High performance polymers (Surrey), (Reader in Polymer and Composite Materials)
Developing new closed loop recycling methodology for advanced composites; developing novel monomers, polymers and blends; developing novel process technology for 3-dimensional composite structures; examining materials of significance in cultural heritage; examining polymer stability and degradation mechanisms; introducing or enhancing the functionality of advanced polymer composites and nano composites.

Dr Paul Harper
MEng, PhD, MSc, (Lecturer in Engineering Design)
Design and analysis of composite structures; renewable energy systems

Dr Dmitry Ivanov
BSc (Perm), PhD (Leuven), (Lecturer in Composites Manufacturing)
Innovative approaches to composites manufacture and modelling

Dr Dorian Jones
MSc (Lond), BSc, PhD (Bristol), (Senior Lecturer in Aerodynamics)
Direct numerical simulation of incompressible turbulence; parallel processing and CFD for unsteady viscous flows

Dr Luiz Kawashita
BEng, PhD (Lond), (Lecturer in Composite Mechanics)
Composite failure mechanisms and numerical modelling

Dr Eric Kim
PhD (KAIST), (Lecturer in Composites Design, Processing and Manufacture)
Automated composites manufacturing axiomatic design ; composite design & manufacturing; computer aided design

Dr James Kratz
B Eng (Carleton), MEng (McGill), PhD (McGill), (Lecturer in Materials Engineering)
The manufacturing process of composite structures

Professor Mark Lowenberg
MSc (Eng)(Witw), PhD (Bristol), (Professor of Flight Dynamics)
Application of bifurcation theory to aircraft stability analysis and controller design (fixed and rotary wing); non-linear flight dynamics; real-time controlled dynamic wind tunnel testing

Dr Terence Macquart
MSc, PhD, (Lecturer in Aeroelastics)
Servo-aeroelastic tailoring of wind turbines using new active-to-passive control systems

Dr Andres Marcos
BSc (StLouis), MSc (Minn), (Senior Lecturer in Dynamics and Control)
Advanced techniques for control and fault diagnosis; autonomy of aerospace systems via the use of model-based approaches for self-diagnosis/self-repair.

Professor Ivana Partridge
BA (Cantab), MA (Cantab), PhD (Cran), (Professor of Composites Processing)
Polymer composites; processing for high performance

Dr Alberto Pirrera
MSc(Palermo), PhD, (Senior Lecturer in Composite Structures)
Design and optimisation; Structural analysis

Dr Daniel Poole
MEng, PhD, (Lecturer)
Optimisation Methods for Engineering Design

Dr Tom Rendall
MEng, PhD (Bristol), (Lecturer in Aerodynamics)
CFD for moving objects; computational optimisation of aerodynamic designs

Dr Djamel Rezgui
MEng, PhD (Bristol), (Lecturer in Rotorcraft Dynamics)
Aeroelastic stability of smart nonlinear helicopter rotor structures

Dr Arthur Richards
MEng (Cantab), SM (MIT), PhD (MIT), (Reader in Dynamics and Control)
Path planning; robust predictive control; vehicle control and autonomy

Dr Tom Richardson
MEng, PhD (Bristol), (Senior Lecturer in Flight Mechanics)
Classical flight control; high-level decision-making and autonomy

Professor Fabrizio Scarpa
Laurea, PhD (Torino), (Professor of Smart Materials and Structures)
Auxetic materials; morphing structures; multi-domain design of components; smart materials and structures; structural dynamics

Dr Mark Schenk
PhD (Cantab), MSc (Delft), (Lecturer in Aerospace Engineering)
Deployable structures; solid mechanics

Dr Brano Titurus
MSc, PhD, (Lecturer in Aerospace Dynamics)
Damage detection in vibrating systems; helicopter dynamics; semi-active dampers; vibration control and damping

Dr Carwyn Ward
BEng (Hons), MRes (Wales), PhD (Bristol), (Lecturer in Composites Design, Processing & Manufacture)
Composites manufacturing; Virtual manufacture

Professor Paul Weaver
BSc, PhD (N’cle), (Professor in Lightweight Structures)
Cellular structures and morphing composites; composite plates and shells, buckling structures; materials performance

Dr Shane Windsor
BEng (Auck), PhD, (Lecturer in Aerodynamics/Aeroelasticity)
Bio-inspired fluid dynamics, sensing and control

Professor Michael Wisnom
BSc (Lond), PhD (Bristol),, (Professor of Aerospace Structures, MIMechE)
Application of finite element methods; predicting the behaviour of composite structures and materials

Dr Ben Woods
BS (Maryland), MS (Maryland), PhD (Maryland), (Lecturer in Composites Design)
Adaptive and active structures ; Cellular structures; Compliant morphing aerostructures; Continuous fibre composite 3D printing; Human powered flight; Negative stiffness mechanisms ; Pneumatic artificial muscles; Ultra-efficient wound composite truss structures ; Wind turbines

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