How to make YouTube videos for beginners, here are the tips

Want to learn to be a YouTuber? You can try to make a video and upload it on YouTube. Here it is how to make quality YouTube videos for beginners.

YouTube is a video-sharing website established since February 2015. Curious about how to make videos on YouTube?

Before making a video that will be uploaded on YouTube, you must have a YouTube account.

How to create a YouTube account, you must log in with the username and password from your Google account. Next, you open the official YouTube site ( then click sign in located in the top right corner. Enter your Google account and you will automatically be able to access the Youtube account.

What is the difference between a YouTube account and a YouTube channel? YouTube with YouTube channel has the difference, among others, YouTube account is useful as an admin to login and access to YouTube channel, while for YouTube channel is the name of the channel which contains video content on YouTube.

Then, how do you make a YouTube channel?

Well, if you are already at this stage you can create a YouTube channel by clicking ‘My Channel or Your Channel’ in the upper right corner in the form of a profile photo in your Google account. Then, the profile data details and the My Channel menu appear. You will be linked to the YouTube account dashboard and you will see that everything is empty. Then you can click ‘Customize Channel’ and start the YouTube channel by uploading a video.

To enhance the Youtube channel, add a profile photo with the description. Come, see the following tips on how to make quality YouTube videos for beginners.

1. Original work ideas

Make sure the ideas that you have have the original work. Don’t follow other people’s work and even copy it. The most important thing is to be yourself when you work so that it will produce unique and interesting work.

2. Content according to passion

Furthermore, you can prepare content to be created. The following are various types of content that you can make references for, including beauty, lifestyle, gaming, entertainment, sports, and traveling content. Choose content according to your passion so that your work can inspire the audience.

3. Follow the trend

As a YouTuber, you should always be updated with current trends. Starting from the type of video discussed, how to edit, to the things that are of interest right now. By creating video content that always follows the trend it will increase the number of subscribers. Things you can do to attract the number of views you can follow how to make your own YouTube videos in collaboration with friends, celebrities or even artists.

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4. Prioritize positive values

The main key to the success of a video can be seen from the side of the value (likes) given from the audience. If the value is positive and useful, the audience will automatically share the video link. And, the comments written were also positive.

5. Use a high-quality video camera

In principle, how to make YouTube videos on cellphones or camcorders that have differences lies in the quality of the video produced. Digital video cameras have better quality compared to cellphones or webcams.

7 Ways to Overcome Touchscreen Error on Android Phones

Today’s mainstream phones are mostly using touch screens or touchscreens. Including phones with the Android operating system that currently dominates the global mobile market.

Android phones are not free from a variety of problems, including one that is an error touchscreen and cannot respond to touch. This is fairly reasonable because you can touch the phone screen up to hundreds of times a day and problems can arise at any time.

Before you panic and decide to bring your Android phone to the service center, do these seven ways to overcome the error touchscreen that is summarized on:

1. Restart the Cellphone

This method is fairly simple, but this method is quite effective. Restarting your cellphone can turn off all cellphone functions and refresh the background service, which may crash and cause touchscreen problems.

The trick is to press and hold the Power button, then select the Restart option if your screen is still functioning partially. If not, press and hold the Power button for a few seconds to turn off the phone.

2. Enter Safe Mode

Safe Mode on Android allows you to use a cellphone with blank software, without the services or applications that you have installed before. If your touchscreen can function normally in safe mode, chances are that your problem is caused by a third-party application.

To enter Safe Mode, press and hold the Power button. After that press and hold the Power Off menu and you will see a prompt to enter Safe Mode.

Click Accept or tap the screen twice and your cellphone will enter Safe Mode. To exit Safe Mode, repeat the procedure but select the Restart option.

3. Display diagnostics

Currently, there are many applications on the Google Play Store that can diagnose your cellphone display. One recommended application is Display Tester which can be downloaded for free.

After installing the Display Tester, enter the Tests tab. Here you can perform various types of tests such as detecting dead pixels, burn-in OLED screens, multi-touch statuses and much more.

If you get a positive result on a multi-touch test, that means the touchscreen is functioning normally and third-party applications might be the cause. Try to see the application that you just installed or if you need to consider doing a factory reset.

4. Remove the Screen Protector

To protect the touchscreen from scratches and collisions when falling, many people now have screen protectors or screen protectors on their Android phones. But, this plastic or glass panel can block your touch signal from reaching the display panel.

If your touchscreen has a partial error or is not responding, try removing the screen protector. This may not be able to fix the problem completely, but it can improve the response on the screen that has problems.

5. Increase Screen Latency

If the touchscreen on the cellphone has a partial error, you can increase the screen latency using third-party applications such as Touchscreen Repair. This application works by calibrating the screen to reduce response time.

This application will ask you to touch a portion of the screen. Based on your phone’s internal, this application then artificially reduces screen latency.

6. Remove the SIM Card

This method can overcome the problematic touch screen. The method is to turn off the cellphone and unplug it from the charger. Take out the SIM Card and memory card on the cellphone.

Turn the phone back on and check if the touch screen has returned to normal. If the touch screen is functioning normally, reinsert the items that you removed one by one until you have identified the cause.

7. Dry the cellphone

Android phones that fall or sink in water can cause internal damage, including a sudden touchscreen that doesn’t work. Try to dry your cellphone thoroughly to handle it.

The method is to turn off the cellphone, dry the cellphone with a towel and place it in a drying material such as silica gel. Leave the phone for about 48 hours.

3 Ways to Erase Google History on Android Phones

When searching through Google, the keywords you are looking for will leave a trail called history or search history. If the keywords you are looking for are private or sensitive, you should delete these search traces.

Especially if you really respect the privacy of personal data. You certainly do not want if this personal search is snooped and abused. For example, if your Android cell phone is borrowed by someone else.

No need to worry, here’s how to delete Google’s history on an Android phone that is summarized from the Google Help blog:

1. How to delete search keywords on Google

You can use this method to delete specific Google search keywords. The trick is to open the Google application on the cellphone then click Search Bar or the search field on the front page.

There you will see the last eight keywords that you search through Google. Select a keyword, click and hold for a few seconds until a notification appears.

After that, click Delete and the keyword will immediately disappear from Google’s search history.

2. How to delete Google history

This method can be used if you want to delete more Google history and in a fairly long period of time. How to open the Google Chrome application on your Android phone.

Click the menu in the form of three dots in the upper right corner, then select the History option and click Clear browsing data. There you will see the time range of history you wish to erase.

You can choose between the options of the last hour, the last 24 hours, the last 7 days, the last 4 weeks or all the time. Check ‘Browsing history’ and uncheck other data that you don’t want to delete.

Click Delete data in the lower right corner and your Google Chrome history will be deleted.

3. How to Delete Items from History

This method can be used if you want to delete specific items from Google history. The trick is to open the History menu in Google Chrome as above.

Once open, find the item entry that you want to delete. Click the X icon on the right to delete it.

To delete several items at once, click and hold the items you want to delete. When finished selecting, click the trash can icon on the top right-hand side.

Quite an easy right?

How to Deal with Cellphone Overheating

Excessive heat is indeed a problem that is often experienced by mobile phones, especially in homecoming moments like now. There are several factors that cause overheating such as the use of mobile phones all day, poor quality batteries, using protective casings that are too thick and other things. Even though this is a natural thing, if overheating continues, it will damage the cellphone and even trigger an explosion.

Basically, cell phone manufacturers have anticipated an explosion (due to overheating) of their products. Various ways to do cell phone manufacturers to prevent these bad things such as improving the quality of the cellphone itself and presenting a cooling system. However, there are several ways to anticipate excessive heat that can trigger an explosion on the cell phone.

Here we summarize some tips that can help prevent overheating on your cell phone.

1. Install the Application as Needed

The use of many of these applications can make the phone heat up quickly. Even though many mobile phones are currently supported with hardware components supporting multitasking, such as high RAM, this omission will still be fatal to mobile phones. If this continues to be done, of course, the potential for overheating cell phones will be enormous. In addition to heat up quickly, the use of too many applications causes the phone to hang often.

2. Use Original Batteries

At present, the use of planting batteries has become a trend in mobile production. But when the battery is starting to drop, we can replace it with a new one. When the cell phone battery is damaged, you should replace it with an original battery that has better quality and has guaranteed durability, even though the price is quite expensive. Usually, low-quality batteries of poor quality do not last long, are often hot and break down quickly.

3. Adequate Cellphone Charge

If your mobile battery is fully charged, you should immediately stop the charging process. The habit of leaving the battery connected to the charger continuously turns out to be unsafe. This can also cause the phone battery to heat up quickly or overheat.

Although some chargers can cut off electricity if the power is 100 percent charged, leaving the battery always in a 100 percent state to continue to be charged is also not good. Charging the battery briefly until it is fully charged repeatedly is even better than a battery left to zero percent and then charged.

In addition, do not use the cellphone that is being charged too often. This can trigger overheating more quickly due to application and hardware processing plus the temperature generated when charging the battery.

4. Remove the Protective Cover

It’s best not to cover the phone with a protective cover that is too thick. The use of a thick cover is good enough to protect the phone from scratches. However, the thick cover can close the incoming air so that the phone gets hot quickly.

5. Leave the Charger Hole open

Some cellphones already use waterproof certification and have a charger hole cover. We recommend that the charger port on a cellphone is not closed. This is done so that the phone does not experience excessive heat or overheating due to lack of air entering the cellphone.

6. Store the phone in a place that has good air ventilation

Store the phone in places that have good air ventilation or are in air-conditioned room temperature. This is quite influential on the quality of the cellphone itself. Also try not to keep the cellphone under the pillow because this will also affect the increase in heat, even exposed to the risk of damage due to the body crushed while sleeping.

7. Don’t Watch YouTube Too Often

Watching YouTube when facing traffic jams is fun. But keep in mind, too long streaming YouTube can accelerate the rising temperature of mobile phones. This is because the video streaming process requires large data and high RAM usage.

8. Turn off the cellphone

This is the ultimate weapon for overheated phones. Turning off the cellphone will obviously stop all processes that occur when the cellphone is on. This will quickly reduce the temperature of the cellphone. Moreover, turning off the cellphone can ‘restore’ the speed of the application process as before.

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Easy Ways to Free Up iPhone Storage Space

Memory full! That’s the annoying thing that iPhone users often complain of mediocre storage. Sometimes these conditions are due to the amount of cache and temporary files stored on the iPhone.

If it is left full continuously the impact will reduce the performance of your iPhone. Well, so that this does not happen, it is recommended to frequently free up storage space.

There are several easy ways that can be done, namely:

1. Force Restart

This method, often called a cold reset, can help clear temporary files and cache. To run force restart, press and hold the power and home button for a few moments until the Apple logo appears. It is recommended to do a force restart once a week to be safe.

2. Removing Cache Through Settings

Some applications provide controls to clear cache via Settings. It’s just that iOS doesn’t differentiate between which apps provide control, we have to check one by one. The steps are as follows:

  • Enter Settings.
  • When using iOS 9, choose General -> Storage -> iCloud Usage. If iOS 8, select General -> Usage -> Manage Storage, we will see a list of applications installed on the iPhone. The list is sorted by how much the application takes up storage space.
  • If you want to clear the cache, open an application. Then press Delete or press Edit -> Delete All

3. Removing Cache Through Application

As mentioned earlier, some applications do not provide cache control in Settings. They provide these settings in their respective applications.

To clear the cache through the application generally can be done via Settings. For example Tweetbot, we open Settings, then press an account. Then, press the Reset Account Cache.

4. Reinstall the Application

This method will clear the storage space significantly. But before doing so make sure the data in it has been backed up to another place first. The steps are as follows:

  • Press and hold the application icon on the Home screen. After the icon shakes, press the X button in the top left corner of the icon to delete the application.
  • Open the App Store and enter the Purchased section. We can re-download applications that have previously been installed, both free and paid.

5. Reset

This method will clear all cache and make the device recover fast. But before resetting, do a backup via iTunes or iCloud.

After that, open Settings -> General -> Reset -> Erase All Content and Settings -> Erese iPhone. When the reset process is complete, install the required applications and synchronize with iTunes.

6. Application

There are a number of applications that help us organize storage space on the iPhone. Some that are worth a try include Phone Expander, PhoneClean, iFunBox, iMazing and Decipher Phone Cleaner.

7. Disable iOS Features

By disabling a number of features on iOS we can free up storage space, some of which

  • Photo Stream, how to Settings -> Photos & Camera -> My Photo Stream -> Delete.
  • Keep Normal Photo, how to Settings -> Photos & Camera -> Keep Normal Photo, slide the switch to the left.

Apart from that, there’s nothing wrong considering:

  • Removes custom dictionaries.
  • Turn off high-quality voice in VoiceOver.
  • Disables system languages when not in use.
  • Limit Background App Refresh.
  • Delete the email account to remove attachments.
  • In the Messages settings, select the option to not save photos or video attachments.
  • No less important to delete the album Recently Delete in the Photo application.



How to Clean a Laptop Correctly

Laptop is one of the devices which is closely related to daily life, because various activities can be carried out using a laptop.

But because of that, laptops get dirty and dusty easily. It is very important to keep the laptop clean to be comfortable to wear. Routine maintenance also makes the laptop more durable.

The following are some steps to clean a laptop properly.

Prepare the cleanser

Cleaning expert Jolie Kerr said, there are four things to consider to keep a clean laptop: alcohol, microfiber cloth, cotton, and a dust blower.

Alcohol with 90% isopropyl will not cause damage to the internal components of the laptop. If laptop users have dirt that is difficult to remove, use a melamine sponge. However, still be careful in its use because of the nature of the rough melamine sponge.

If you see a set of cleaning devices at an electronics store, don’t be tempted to buy them right away. Existing equipment at home can also be used to save expenses.

Start cleaning from inside

Cleaning the dirt on the keyboard might be interesting. But it would be nice to clean the inside of the laptop first.

With a dust blower, dirt will fly. So, it’s useless if you clean the screen first. Therefore, start by cleaning or blowing off the dust that is between the devices using compressed air.

The first thing to do is turn off the laptop. Then, unplug the power cable and remove the laptop battery if it can be removed.

Use a dust blower to remove all the dirt, and blow it into any gaps such as keyboards, vents, and even USB ports.

Spray air from a dust blower on the inside of the laptop. This is to prevent the accumulation of dust from time to time and cause the laptop to overheat.

For laptop users who smoke or who have pets, they should be more frequent and careful about cleaning the laptop. Because the dust, smoke, animal hair, and other particles more easily enter the cracks of the laptop.

Clean the outside of the laptop

Use a microfiber cloth, pour the alcohol into a microfiber cloth, squeeze it so that the liquid alcohol does not drip. Clean the surface of the laptop. Cleaning cotton and alcohol can also be used to clean the keyboard and small space between keyboards.

If there are stains that are difficult to remove, rub the melamine sponge slowly and remain carefully to prevent damage to the appearance of the laptop.

Care will be a little different when cleaning the screen. The user must be able to clean the fingerprints attached using a dry microfiber cloth.

However, if it is indeed a sticky stain that requires extra effort to clean it, pour a little water on the cloth. Avoid using household cleaning soaps that contain harsh chemicals such as ammonia or alkaline to clean the screen.


Easy Ways to Manage Contacts on an iPhone

Although currently the iPhone is widely used to surf the web and send messages through iMessage or Whatsapp. But the telephone function still gets a large portion.

Now, when using this function, of course, we will always access the contact list in the phone book. It’s just because of the many, accounts that we enter, we often find contacts that are not known or have a double name.

So that the contact list is neater and maximally used, this time we will explain how to manage the contact list on the iPhone. There are several steps, but all of them are quite easy to do.

Unifying Multiple Contacts

Accidentally we often save people’s contacts that are actually already on the iPhone. As a result, you find the contact list of the same person more than one.

Luckily iOS 8 allows us to unite the same two contacts. This contact is called Link Contact, how to use it as follows:

  1. Choose a contact list that has a lot of duplication
  2. Press the Edit button at the top right of the screen
  3. Scroll down and tap Link Contacts
  4. Select another contact in the list.

For example, you entered the wrong contact, we can restore it to the beginning. You do this by pressing the red minus button on the wrong name earlier.


Not many people know that iOS 8 supports nicknames on the contact list. Adding a nickname will make it easier for you to send messages. You don’t need to type in your full name, just enough nickname is enough.

How to add a nickname to a contact:

  1. Open one of the contacts you want to put the nickname on
  2. Press the Edit button
  3. By default, the Nickname column will not appear. Then you have to scroll down until you find the Add Field button. Press the button
  4. On the Add Field screen, press Nickname
  5. Return to the contact editing screen. Put a nickname on the contact.

Add Photos

Adding a photo to contact will help identify when they call. Because the photo will be displayed on the screen. Besides these photos will be seen in the Message application when you send messages to each other.

We can manually add photos to contact. You do this by pressing the Edit button on one contact. Then press on the Add Photo circle, you will immediately have the option to shoot directly from the camera or take photos stored on your iPhone.

iOS 8 also offers a way to automatically use profile photos on Facebook. The method is as follows:

  1. Make sure you are logged into your Facebook account. If not open Settings then select Facebook.
  2. After logging in, on the Facebook settings screen, tap Update All Contacts. Facebook will match the contact list on the iPhone with the data. If there are the same contacts, Facebook will update the contact’s photo.

Alternatively, we can also use photos from a Twitter account. The way to integrate this Twitter account is the same as Facebook.

We must first enter into a Twitter account. After logging in, select the same Update Contact option. After Twitter scans for information, when there is a matching contact, the photo will be immediately pinned.

Information Update

iOS provides many information columns on the contact list, such as adding an address or date of birth. Indeed this requires a long time.

But if there is free time, there is no harm in updating the information. So as not to bother typing. It should be done through a computer because it is more convenient to type using a keyboard.


How to Prank Your Friend’s Computer

For those of you who like to watch prank videos, you guys will also enjoy teasing your own friends. There are tricks that can be done. Take it easy, this trick is harmless and easy to do.

1. Change the shape of the mouse cursor

Generally, the mouse cursor on the computer is shaped like an arrow. In addition, users also do not like if their computers are slow or hang.

In a hang state, by default, the shape of the mouse cursor on the computer is no longer shaped like an arrow, but a colorful circle that rotates, indicating it is loading.

For the first trick, you can change the shape of your friend’s computer mouse cursor with the mouse shape when it hangs. So, your friend will assume the computer is hanging even though it’s fine.

To do this, with Windows, visit Control Panel> select Mouse> select Pointers> replace with the cursor shape of your choice.

If in MacOS, visit System Preferences> choose Accessibility> Display> adjust the shape of the cursor as you wish.

2. The desktop screen is cracked

If you are not satisfied with changing the shape of the mouse, you can try changing the desktop wallpaper to look like a crack.

Who doesn’t panic with a cracked computer screen? In addition to the disturbing vision on the screen, the cost to replace the screen is not cheap.

For those of you who want to give a ‘surprise’ by displaying a cracking effect on a friend’s computer screen, just change the wallpaper on the screen.

You can get it through the Google search engine to find crack wallpapers that are just right for use on the desktop.

3. Control your computer with a wireless mouse

For this one trick, the conditions are that you must have a wireless mouse. If you have, you can immediately launch the ‘attack’.

Connect your wireless mouse to a friend’s computer, then control it remotely. Your friend will definitely be confused by the changing mouse movements even though he isn’t using it.

4. Rotate the screen display

This trick provides a way to turn the computer screen upside down to 180 degrees. So, the screen display which was originally at the top will be reversed to the bottom. This will definitely make your friends feel dizzy to change it back.

Easy to do. For Windows computers, by pressing Ctrl + Alt + down arrow. But if the short method doesn’t work, you can do it by right-clicking on the desktop> choose Screen Resolution> choose flipped to turn the screen upside down.

For macOS, you can do this by going to the System Preferences menu> selecting Display> choosing Rotation> then saving changes. Then the computer screen will appear upside down.

5. Faking desktop screen display

Still around the desktop screen, this time you will fake it. Computer users will definitely be annoyed if the files they click on the desktop can’t be opened continuously.

To work like this, just take a screenshot of your friend’s home screen, then make a new desktop wallpaper. But, you have to hide the initial files on the desktop so that this prank can succeed

6. Turn on and change AutoCorrect

For those of you who have friends who are seriously working on something in Microsoft Word, this could be one way to prevent it. You can turn on the AutoCorrect feature in Microsoft Word while changing the words to be justified.

The trick is to select the Options menu in Microsoft Word> Proofing> AutoCorrect Options> then set the words you want to give the AutoCorrect feature according to your ‘creativity’.

For example like this, every time there is the word ‘indeed’, you change it to ‘indeed more beautiful but not pretentious beautiful’, then the words that come out will be the words that you have changed.

7. Tucked in a ‘reminder’ for fun

For friends who are super busy, you can apply this trick. You simply insert the reminder or reminder on your friend’s computer at random times with the contents of the funny reminder.

So, when your friends think of working on a new agenda, it turns out they only get a funny reminder from you guys.

8. Zoom in or out on the screen

Seeing something too big or too small is not pleasing to the eye. To work with this trick, both on macOS and Windows computers, simply by pressing the Windows / Command button with the symbol = or -. You can adjust whether you want to zoom in or out.

3 Steps to Use Wattpad for Beginners

Now everyone can channel their writing talents by joining platforms like Wattpad. Here, writers can easily find readers of their writing, and readers can easily find writings from various genres.

Then what about the new writer and reader who will just register on Wattpad? Because of the many tips and categories to explore, it might be quite difficult for them to use and utilize Wattpad’s features.

Here are three ways to use Wattpad for beginners as summarized from various sources.

1. How to read on Wattpad

Before you can read various writings on Wattpad, you will be required to register and create a new account. It’s easy, you can simply access the Wattpad web via your desktop or by downloading the Wattpad mobile application for Android and iOS smartphones.

After that, you will see a form to register. You can register by connecting a Facebook and Google account or by entering an email.

Once registered, on the main page of Wattpad you will be faced with three main menus namely Discover, Create, and Community. To find the book you want to read, you can select the Discovery option.

In the search bar, you can enter the desired title or keywords such as romance, action, adventure and so on. After finding a story or cover that you think is interesting, you can click on the story in question to read the synopsis.

If you want to read the story, click the Read button. After the button is clicked you will get the option to enter the story into the library or reading list.

If you choose to add stories to the library, you can access the private library by clicking the stack of books icon. Click the cover of the book you want to read, and you will immediately be directed to the first page.

2. How to Write on Wattpad

To start writing in Wattpad the way is not difficult. You can choose the Create menu on the main page. After that, select the “Create new story” option to write a new story or the “Edit another story” option to edit the story that is being written.

Enter important details for your story such as the title, description, and cover before you start writing the story. These details are very helpful to make new readers interested in your writing.

Write your story. If you are still having trouble doing this part, there are many writers at Wattpad who share tips and ways to write that can be read. Don’t forget to choose the genre category that fits your writing so that it will be easy for readers to find.

After tired of writing, save your writing by clicking the Save button. Posts that have been saved can later be edited again. If you are satisfied, you can publish your writing so that it can be read by the public by clicking the Publish button.

3. Interact with the Community

Wattpad has a very active community of readers and writers. By joining this community, you can discuss the story you are reading with other readers or give feedback to your favorite authors.

In addition, you can also find many threads, ranging from general to very specific. To support your favorite authors, you can also vote for your favorite stories by clicking the vote button.